Rise Like a Phoenix: 7 Wonders of Your Inner World - Greed

Phoenix is a bird from mythology that rises from the ashes and represents rebirth or regeneration

According to BG 16:21, there are three gates to the hell of self-destruction for the soul- lust, anger, and greed

Greed comes with a destructive pattern

If an individual fights with the demon of Greed, it can work as a wonder

Greed pulls greedy energy and will destroy you, break you, and manipulate your will

Acting with unconditional love and being aware of protecting your energy will let you attract abundance, wealth, fame, and health

The unlimited desires of an individual make the person anxious and take him toward the healing journey

Overcoming greed helps an individual rise like a Phoenix

Greed is related to Solar Plexus and Root Chakra

Crystals that help overcome greed are Citrine, Aventurine, Pyrite, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz

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