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Believe and Embrace the Signs from the Universe

universe signs

Suppose you’re on your way, and suddenly a coin shows up on the side of the street; what would you think? What if a flying feather lands on your lap?

You might be feeling astonished after reading this. You must be thinking, “Oh! It has happened many times to me. But I never paid attention to it so profoundly”. Isn’t it right?

So, let me give you some more clarity on it. The signs I was talking about above were the signs from the universe.

The power of the universe is tremendous, but those who have faith can feel this universal power.

The universe requires faith and immense belief to rain all the happiness over you. Signs offered by the universe are real, but most of us don’t realize it.

So, today, we will talk about the various signs the universe shows up and the meaning of those signs.

Realize the Signs and Awaken Spiritually

The universe is always connected to you in several ways. We live in a materialistic world and remain busy with our regular to-dos.

If we look up carefully, the environment we’re living in will appear like an inbox. The inbox is locked with the password of our unawareness of the truth of the Universe.

Once you’ll crack the password, the messages from the Universe can be visible to you.

So, here are some common signs the Universe sends us, and now the time has come to learn about them and start recognizing them.

  • Feathers

The Universe shows you hope and spiritual growth if you frequently get feathers in your path. It means your guardian angels support and listen to your desires and wishes.

Every color of a feather has a different meaning. But the primary message is that your guardian angels are always with you.

  • Coins/Keys

Coins are another sign from the Universe. Many times, we find coins in unexpected places. This sign of the universe means luck and abundance are coming your way.

The coins are the signs of your deceased loved ones and your guardian angel blessing you with their utter support and love.

The key is very significant in unlocking abundance.

  • Animals/Birds

A repeated animal crossing our way or appearing at several places for no reason is a message from the universe.

For example, seeing butterflies in a repeated way means the universe is guiding you to let go of what’s holding you back and live and enjoy the current moment of your life.

  • Repeating Numbers

If you believe in the Universe and spiritual awakening, you might have heard of angel numbers. The angel numbers can be in a sequence like 000, 111, 7777, 8888, etc.

The ordinary meanings of numbers still depend on your healing journey, so listen to your guides; they appear to you.

111 – Follow your Intuition – You are on the right path with your spiritual journey

222 – Alignment with the universe –Surrender to the flow and trust the process

333 – Angel’s Support – Your spirit guides are around you. Love, support, and guidance

444 – Angel’s Protection – The universe and guides are protecting you

555 – Change is coming – something new is coming

666 – Reflect within – it’s time to reflect within

777 – Balance – Luck is coming your way; keep walking your path

888 – Manifest – Abundance, money, and growth is coming

999 –Let go – Release and let go of old patterns and beliefs

You can see these numbers suddenly and repeatedly anywhere and anytime. Be it digital watches, car plates, time on the phone, laptop, street, etc.

If you encounter any of the angel numbers, understand that your angels are near you and positively supporting you.

  • Losing Heart-touching Objects

You might have experienced suddenly losing an object or a thing close to you. It can be a toy from childhood, a watch gifted by your mother, or anything else.

It means the universe guides you to leave the past and allow new things to enter your life.

So, several other signs signify messages the Universe is sending you.

The Universe is always there with every individual, but only a few realize this fact. After ending your healing phase and entering the spiritual path, the Universe indicates its presence.

We try to find answers to the questions that have been troubling us for so long; try to open up your mind and eyes and check your surroundings; all the answers are hidden behind the dark clouds of your mind.

When you are aligned, the universe guides you in your journey, and synchronicity starts around you.

Clear your mind through healing, and find answers through the universe’s signs. To know more, contact Prriti Parmaar, a perfect life coach at Light Angelic.

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