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“Live the life you were born to live.”

“I am Prriti Parmaar, Indian based in Dubai. Its been years practicing spirituality and meditation from almost 15 years. I am certified RTT therapist, Reiki healer, Sound healer, Energy healer, Ancestor healing, Past life Regression, Automatic Writing, channelling with spirit guides and help my clients to overcome from their issues and create safe place within them.It’s been a long journey being spiritually evolving and getting on track to know more occult and universe into deeper level. My turning point in my Life is in 2013 when everything was falling apart and spiritual guidance came as angelic light. My most inspirational ideal is my Mom who has been through her entire life with ups and down. It’s a journey where I go deeper. I learnt more about the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health, universe and law of attraction.

Its eye-opening and fascinating at the same time to see how our subconscious mind works with the cosmos and our inner world. Repeating patterns and negative emotions from childhood makes us what we are now today. To create safe place within us is the true most powerful and beautiful gift we can gift to ourselves.

Therapy and Spiritual Healing helped many of my clients including me with these practices and a holistic approach helps us to increase my self-esteem and Confidence, increase intuitions, physic awareness and understanding. Being aware we can choose healthy boundaries and create positive energy and peaceful relationships with each other.

Healing modalities can help people to overcome from Childhood trauma, addictions, Phobia, fears, depression, Emotional Hurt and many more phases where people are stuck in their life.”


“He takes a few drops of your tears,
And gives you the Divine Fount sweeter than sugar…” – Rumi

How holistic health practices CAN HELP YOU

  • Anxiety / Stress Trauma / Insomnia / Fear
  • Phobias Fertility
  • Confidence / Self Esteem
  • Permanent Weight Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Concentration Issues
  • Grief
  • Bad Habits
  • Anger Management
  • Speaking in public
  • Business skills
  • Sexual issues / Intimacy
  • Blocks – Money / Relationship / Business
  • Snoring
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Menstrual Pain / Thyroid / Arthertis / PCOS /  Menopause phase
  • Sports Improvement



Anxiety AND Stress can take over your entire life and be completely debilitating on careers, relationships, and every aspect of home life. Re Frame Therapy can be an extremely effective tool in regaining motivation and grounding so that you are able to live a fulfilling life once again. Find yourself where you lost. Have beautiful sleep


We can really help people with post-traumatic stress, the mind always keeps on replaying scenes over and over and over again. And all they want to do is stop the scenes, in fact really they don’t get it that because the mind’s job is to protect you and it’s replaying the scenes to make sure you never go back. It’s like I get into the bed at night but somehow  I’m so scared that someone’s going to come and break in so let me go downstairs and make sure I’ve locked the door.


Are you an emotional eater?Emotional eating is using food to make you feel better. Rather to get in to root cause people tend to fill emotional needs rather than your stomach.  Afterwards, not only does the original emotional issue remain, but it feels guilty for overeating and thus you enter into a perpetual cycle of emotionally eating, eating more than you should, gaining weight and feeling guilty and powerless over this habit and then filling that emotional need with food, starting the cycle all over again.


Confidence and self-esteem are most important wearing of our personality and our lives, professional front, personal relations or emotional level we need this pills to lead our life. Re Frame Therapy will assist clients to develop stronger self-esteem and to increase their belief in their own abilities helping them to accept, nourish their life. It can include more confidence to starting a new business, overcoming of not feeling good enough or simply to feel more confident in social situations.

Bad habits

Overcoming bad habits are one of the most common reasons people turn to therapist.  These require at least 3 sessions where Prriti will address the emotional issues behind the bad habit, remove the triggers and treat the issue so that you are habit free for the rest of your life


Its an incident which is holding you back from the fear of darkness/water/heights . Reframe therapy can really help to go in the root cause of this issues and get better understanding of your own blocks , whether Its emotional/physical/mental there is always thought of not going there and why its stopping you ? Lets find answer and have your own wings.

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