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Dreams: An Illusion or the Footprints of the Spiritual World

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Every dream has a distinct meaning. But the point is, what are dreams? Most of us must be made aware of the reason for watching dreams. Many individuals take dreams as an illusion. Is that right?

Perhaps every individual’s perception differs regarding the theory of dreams.

Being on this healer journey and becoming a medium between the physical and spiritual worlds, I will share my experience from where it opened my understanding in a very different way.

Everyone in the Universe is connected, and so the dreams. Spiritual dreams also play the most significant role in our healing journey; they reflect past experiences, inner wounds, unsatisfied feelings, damaged inner child, fears, and subconscious beliefs.

On the other hand, what we desire, repent for, or feel unhappy about the whole day, comes to us through our dreams.

So, a dream blends the physical and spiritual worlds.

The divine power sends you a message through dreams; you must know how to decode it. There is a variety of dreams we see whenever we sleep. Let us check some of the types of dreams we see,

  • The dreams which we remember after waking up, there is a message behind it.
  • Nightmares which are related to inner demons, spirits world, or the most significant fear stored with your subconscious mind
  • Lucid dreams are the dreams in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming
  • Some dreams that occur many times, like a repeated storyline, are known as recurring dreams
  • When horror dreams seem natural, and you wake up in a panic, are the night terrors
  • Daydreams are the dreams between sleep and the state of consciousness
  • Dreams that give you a message about your health are the healing dreams
  • The dreams that are intense and give a natural feeling are known as vivid dreams
  • A stress-relieving dream is known as a fantasy dream
  • Dreams, where you can see core beliefs, have been highlighted through spirit guides
  • Our guides and ancestors come in our dreams to give us particular messages; they communicate as we cannot listen in the conscious stage.

So, these are the types of dreams we might have gone through some time in our life. Do you have faith in the spiritual world or the universe?

If yes, so for the dreams, you might have a distinct perspective. Let’s delve deep into the dreamy world and have some knowledge regarding the spiritual meaning of some common dreams.

A Cheating by your Partner

Dreaming of being cheated by your partner comes from past experiences. Infidelity, trust issues, and lack of commitment in the past still lie somewhere in your subconscious mind.

In my experience when I was going through the divorce phase, I still remember a dream where I lost my passport, and I was walking in the darkest street, standing on the road, seeing the railway track and the barricade; it was terrifying when I felt I lost my passport, I was sweating in my dreams, deep cry and immense fear of where I am, standing in the border of 2 different countries. I just woke up early, around 4.00 am, and suddenly saw I was in bed, had a glass of water, and slept back. Still, the next day morning, when I started journaling this dream somewhere, I got a message from my higher self that I was in fear of losing my married life, I will be divorced, and my surroundings will not recognize me or not respect me.

Just imagine how dreams help us see what we feel, see, and experience with the traumatized events in our lives.

The dream of cheating feels like a nightmare; this dream also focuses on your present partner.

Take this dream as a sign of the universe, asking you to build trust in your partner without losing faith. Universe and spirit guides always protect you when you are on a spiritual and healing journey; how our spirit guides communicate and how beautifully they protect us, I feel so grateful to be in this spiritual realm.

You Cheating Your Partner

If you see yourself cheating on your partner in a dream, childhood has been raised in intense feelings of insecurities in your relationship, followed by a lack of trust and abandonment. Then, as adults, we keep searching for love where we feel safe, but eventually, we attract the same patterns as we are such an unhealed version.

You may be facing issues in your current relationships and doubt about getting betrayed by your partner.

Seeing Yourself Pregnant

Pregnancy in the dream means the willingness to connect yourself to something big. The universe shows us that our minds and body are prepared to embrace the universal changes.

So, allow yourself to move towards the beautiful path of spirituality.

Seeing drowning in water

In my personal experience, I have seen this since childhood. Initially, I didn’t have much detail, but when I came into the spiritual journey, it automatically connected the dots. When I did past life regression myself, one of my lives, I died while drowning in water, eventually, in this life, I still fear the ocean, I love to be there, but I can’t swim in the ocean. This is how I understood why I have feared the ocean from childhood.

Seeing accidents or self-dead

Another experience was when I kept seeing myself die in accidents; it was a horror for me to sleep those days as I always felt what I would see now. Still, it’s not in our hands, one more past life experience of dying alone, and in this life, I keep saying that I don’t have support and no one loves me. Here my spirit guides help to come out from these horrifying dreams. Now I trust the universe and have faith that no matter what, they are there, and I am not alone.

I am so grateful to all my masters and guides who helped me overcome so many layers, and now, today, I become a healer and therapist to help others overcome their pains.

It’s a long list to write here in this blog about my experience, but I understood that what we are now is just a blueprint of our past life, childhood, and upbringing. We are just another copy of our ancestors, parents, and karmas. So, I always heal now to see better tomorrow.

The best way to understand your dreams is to keep writing and make a dream journal. Whenever you remember your dreams write them in your book and keep a separate book for this; I still practice this, and it helped me a lot to heal. Naturally, we all have powers within us to heal ourselves, and the universe will show you the meaning and guidance.


Dreams are a connecting spiritual and healing dots message for me; although every dream doesn’t have a spiritual meaning, you will get your answers quickly if you look deeper into it.

The universe tries to connect with us through various mediums. Still, only a tiny percentage of individuals realize and can decode the hidden message of the divine sent via our dreams.

Having faith in the universal powers and a healed soul, body, and mind opens the doors of the divine corridor.

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  1. A great informative write up on dreams , As everyone’s perception is different . I really got connected as dreams are connecting spiritual and healing dots for us

    Thanks for this ❤️

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