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Synchronicity to Synergy…….Mind, Body, and Soul

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You don’t have to be on a degree to tap into those powerful universal energies; you don’t have to be in any profession or business to create synchronicity aligned with the universe. We all have within ourselves; we need to have into the connection process towards the divine.

During the healing process from every wound, we start developing a connection between mind, body, and soul; in this process, we become aware of and differentiate between mind and body and soul, how much pain we are carrying from our own, and how from others, how many heavyweights we are carrying and how it’s affecting our emotional health.

Synchronicities occur as a sign of our connection with the Universe. Various signs, through dreams and in the physical form, guide us toward the path where we can manifest our desires.

Getting a random call or a message, feathers, coins showing up, random gifts from somebody, meeting your soul mate who helped your journey, thinking of someone and getting sage from them, or a phone call are some signs that the Universe shows us.

Synchronicity keeps on tabbing with us while we are in the process of healing and awakening from within to guide us; spirit guides and the universe will always show you signs to follow and helps us and navigate us that you are on the right path or need to work on certain things which are holding you back. We start experiencing telepathic abilities. In my experience, synchronicity with the Universe is one of the best protective shields I have ever had; it’s divine and scary, and I enjoy talking to them instead of sitting with people who don’t understand my pain. It’s always accurate and the proper navigation I have ever had. We start experiencing telepathic abilities.

After healing, our deep desires turn true. Be it getting a phone call from someone you love or an email from your worthy client you’ve been looking for a long time.

Essence says that synchronicity to the synergy of mind, body, and soul leads us to the Universe; to our higher self and accepting the truth for moving with the flow, feeling the signs, and the connection with the divine, and manifesting what you truly want, is what synchronicity to the synergy of all these energies is.

It’s All About Manifesting

Synchronicity with the Universe is a bliss that allows us to experience the power of manifesting.

The deep desires in our hearts remain boxed until we open the new doors of enlightenment with our healed mind, body, and soul.

Manifesting can’t happen with the old version of ourselves and having immense belief and faith in the Universe. A simple but miraculous manifestation process happens when you are in the synergy of mind, body, and soul.

Step-1- Spiritual Journey

A pure and healed mind enters quite calmly into the spiritual journey. During this journey, we experience many questions, like who we are, what the problems are in our lives, how to overcome the problems, etc.

It’s a journey of asking questions of ourselves and finding our true selves that are hidden behind the fog surrounding our mind, body, and soul.

Walking into a spiritual journey is our first step to manifest our desires.

Step-2- Spiritual Awakening

Moving toward manifesting our desires, we experience profound shifts in our consciousness. Yes, that’s spiritual awakening.

Initially, it can be a disconcerting experience. Still, eventually, it lets us transcends the ego and attachment, and enter into the realm of inner peace, a sense of connection with the Universe, synchronicity, observing patterns, throwing away the death of fear, feeling synchronized with the divine, and believing your intuitions. People undergo a regress process or the initiation of kundalini awakening, past life regression, self-inner child work, shadow work, and many more to shed their old skin and become new versions of themselves. You are stepping into your power.

Step-3- Aligning with Energy

It’s an everyday process of de-cluttering to alignment. Slowly and steadily, coming closer to manifesting our desires, we started experiencing a connection with the Universe, and our energies will start matching with others. We start getting a true calling to help humanity: human consciousness and the evolution of the species.

We start attracting the same energies and like-minded people who want to bring change on a higher conscious level and feel this is not our home; we don’t belong in this world—an energetic shift of awareness to go home early in a different dimension. An energetic alignment allows us to express our emotions in a better way.

And the energy alignment becomes our strength in attaining what we want.

Step-4- Synchronize your Energy with the Universe and be attuned to Synergy

Healers, Spiritual beings, my star-seed, the black sheep of the family, are the loneliest on this planet and are multidimensional beings who dance in realms of seen and unseen world. Being human, sometimes it’s hard to navigate 3d realms because we don’t feel this is our home, and being in the crowd is tough. Eventually, people like us need time to recharge and regain energy to feel the power within us.

We start connecting with the spirit guides. Our spirit guides give us appropriate guidance to walk on the right path.

We start receiving the signs from our spirit guides that help us understand that they always walk behind us. Feathers, coins, angel numbers, and dreams are signs from our spirit guides that we must recognize, believe, and embrace.

Step-5- Practice everyday Gratitude and Spiritual Healing

Showing gratitude to the Universe must be our regular to-do. Thanking our divine through thankful affirmations like “Thankyou Universe, for giving me such a great life I am living,” and practicing various healing processes ultimately take you towards the path of manifestation.

Step-6- Check on Your Lifestyle

The universe will always guide you to have healed lifestyle; even you will get messages to go for specific herbs, a natural way to connect with Mother Gaia(Earth). A true sense of having a healthy diet, turning vegan, leaving meat, quitting smoking, or no longer the smell of alcohol will resonate with you, inclining towards physical activities like workouts, yoga, meditation, and breathing work will start synergy in your mind-body and soul.

Step-7- You Become Awareness

The connection with the universal power makes us aware of our senses, smell, sound, hearing, and taste. We suddenly stop drinking and taking other substances.

You start developing yourself to search more about mysticism and the cosmos, universal laws, reading books, and spending time with yourself; no more extended friends and family will be in need. You start enjoying your time and love to spend time in nature; animals and kids love to spend more time with you. Strangers will connect as they have known you for a long time.

The spiritual awakening makes an individual aware of the world’s reality and truth. And move away from temporary happiness.

Step-8- Allow yourself to Rest and Shed your Old-Selves

This is a very crucial time to be within yourself as you are in the shedding and rebirthing pe; everyday pain sheds makes feels into labor or break thousands in one time; give yourself time to come back; surround yourself with good music and herbal teas, oil massages, and sea salt bath can help you to be gain your power back.

Closing off our trauma-self and opening up a positive side leads us towards happiness and peacefulness. We start looking at the positive side of everything.

Step-9- Practice Forgiveness Everyday

Healing and spiritual guidance will lead us to practice forgiveness affirmations and free ourselves from the burden of guilt, shame, and mistakes we made in the past. Help yourself with journaling, painting, or any hobby you want; it will help you release yours effortlessly.

Step-10- Allow to be New You to Accept

Allow and surrender becomes new learning for you; you start learning to surrender to the universe as you start developing within yourself; you now know that whatever is happening or will happen, it will be as per divine timings and the highest good for you. Now you don’t question WHY ME; now you KNOW whatever is happening is happening for you.

Step-11- Feeling the Presence of Spirit Guides

We feel connected with the Universe, our spirit guides, and our ancestors after we accept our new selves. Our spirit guides always show us a great path toward achieving our goals and attaining higher milestones.

Step-12- Channeling or Downloading Messages from Higher Dimensions

Becoming the medium between the 3rd dimension and a higher realm, it’s time now to download a new blueprint, new you, new journey, and new keys to unlock new pathways; it’s where we meet our higher self, higher dimensions, Raising every day to high vibration and matching the frequency to manifest is the ultimate level of spiritual awakening, you know and have the faith of knowing there is something change is coming, you feel those energetic shifts within you, you start loving to be in unknown territory as we have opened the doors for highest good to manifest into reality.

We start getting messages directly from the Universe. At this time, this is where we become synchronicity to synergy, aligning ourselves with the universe, a hierarchy that helps you to navigate the way you want your life; now you are the creator, and the universe will guide you to give what you want and should be for the highest good for you and the society. Just becoming synergy with the cosmos to manifest what we want or desire.

We can now synchronize with the Universe; the Universe plays what we want. Once we play the rhythm of synchronicity to synergy, it shows us the signs of the divine, helping us manifest our desires by connecting with us at a deeper level.

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