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Accept the Truth of Your Blueprint through Past Life Regression

Therapy for PTSD

Past life is still a superstition for many individuals. But if we incline towards spirituality, past life is a truth.

Our past life affects us positively and negatively, but we cannot recognize it because we aren’t aware of it.

Do you believe in your past life? I do.

Many of us encounter money blockages. Debts and a lack of money drag us into the marsh of poverty. You might have faced this critical time but didn’t recognize the issue behind this.

Problems like post-traumatic stress disorder, feeling depressed, and suicidal thoughts due to any reason.

It’s all about past life.

Our past life never lets us stay alone. Our karmas get us stuck until they aren’t realized and accepted by an individual.

Let’s explore more, and get some necessary understanding about our past and how it affects us.

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The idea of past lives and reincarnation has been a topic of fascination and intrigue for many centuries.

Well, there’s no scientific evidence to support the idea of past lives; many people believe that they have lived previous lives as I do, and I have the experience to dive deep into many lives to understand my blueprint and which helps me to navigate WHO I AM. There are many techniques to help them access memories of a previous life.

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What is a Past Life?

The idea and concept of past life is the belief that a person’s soul or spirit has lived many lives before their present life. According to this belief, a person’s present life is not their first existence but a continuation of their soul’s journey through multiple incarnations.

Why was I so inclined toward my past life? In my spiritual journey somewhere in mid of 2016, I was having soul/ higher self-calling to connect and get back to my soul’s history; why am I not able to sort out specific issues I was facing in this lifetime? (I will explore this in the next blog).

When we do spiritual practice, it’s effortless to get navigation from the higher self. For me, it was a genuine inner calling to get into my history, which helped me see and understand my present; it helped me forgive and let go of many patterns I carried through life.

Why is Past life regression essential?

It’s about healing family wounds, ancestral curses, karmic debts, mistakes done by our ancestors, and many more to see our life blossom in the present; I have seen many curses of black magic has been carrying forward for lives and lives, and all generations of generations have suffered a lot, that can be below poverty, suffering mental and emotional health, constant battling to physical health and even all sudden death in the family.

The idea of past lives is commonly associated with specific spiritual practices, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and certain New Age beliefs. Everybody can access past lives through mediation, Akashic records, or with the help of professionals who can help you access particular techniques or psychic readings.

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Benefits of Past-Life Regression Therapy

As mentioned above, past life regression therapy is the safest method of attempting to access memories of a past life, and it’s believed that this technique can also provide a range of other benefits:

  • Increased self-awareness – learning about repeating patterns, cutting those patterns, and getting new insightful awareness will help you gain freedom from current issues; exploring past lives can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your behaviors.
  • Healing becomes very rapid from unresolved traumas – Memories from past lives are the primary blueprint and have the keys to resolving our present traumas affecting an individual’s life. By accessing these memories, individuals can heal emotional wounds and move forward more positively. You get new wings to fly.
  • Overcome phobias and addictions – many wounds are found in a past life, especially the feeling of the victim or being used, and come from the imprint of past lives as they have carried in their cell/ DNA levels which are very hard to overcome. Sometimes, fears or phobias affect an individual’s day-to-day life, and the roots of all these can be traced through past life experiences. By regression from past lives, individuals may be able to release these fears and move forward with greater confidence and ease.
  • Spiritually Evolve – For people like me who believe in reincarnation and practice spirituality, past life regression can be a reliable tool for exploring the soul’s journey, path, and soul contract through multiple lifetimes, leading to a greater spiritual connection and life purpose.
  • Overcome from Curse – many lives we have been cursed, taken many vows and promises we have never been to fulfill; it’s easy to cut cords from many lives.
  • Get your wings – By accessing the blueprints from past lives, overcoming and feeling free is effortless, as individuals may feel more empowered to make positive changes in their present life. It helps erase old patterns and energetically cut the cords, which will help the DNA level, leading to greater self-esteem, confidence, and control over one’s destiny.

It’s important to remember that the benefits of past life regression are subjective and may vary from person to person. There are also potential drawbacks, such as the possibility of awakening false memories or increasing emotional distress.

Some individuals may find value in exploring memories from past lives, but it’s essential to approach this therapy cautiously. Always work with a reputable practitioner, and don’t use it as a substitute for traditional therapy or medical treatment.


I have recently worked with many clients from a spiritual background who are aware of their past lives but cannot connect the dots of their blocks.

We all have many beliefs/blocks which hold us back in this lifetime, and it keeps on repeating; once we are aware of the blocks and it’s not connecting through this life but somewhere you know this is from other lives, then we must do the regression to overcome the blocks, as I know being in this journey we all carry habits, patterns, behaviour, imprints from many lives as what we are we are from many lives and still not able to learn the lessons.

That’s why it keeps repeating to understand the lesson; once learned, you know and can achieve the highest success in no time.

Our lives are to learn lessons and evolve; as fast we learn, we get into higher consciousness; that’s the beauty of life. We all have desires to have an experience of love, money, wealth, and health. To live in Abundance, we need to balance these to be joyful on earth, but how many are ready to dig into the unconscious mind to attract Abundance? Why we are stuck and what we have within us is the key, a treasure of who we are.

A lady called me one afternoon and asked if I was a healer, and I said yes.

I am looking for past life regression; indeed, I was happy that a person knows what she wants, but my curiosity was how she knows and why she wants to do so. As healers or physical mediums, we all know past life regression is calling from the soul level, and when a person is highly in tune with the conscious mind, they know where they are stuck and whom to ask for help.

Past life regression is for everyone, but people are not connected with their mind, body, and emotions than how they can connect with their higher self.

Here is the case study of a client

The client’s name is Anna (name changed as confidential and privacy policy for clients)
She came to me for Money blocks as she was going through dark times when she felt stuck and unable to manifest money in these lifetimes. She told me about her struggle when she mentioned, “I AM NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY FROM MANY LIVES.” While talking to her, she was scared of if I relive those moments than what I will be feeling now; I don’t want to feel those pain again, and yes, nobody wants, but the beauty of being a trained and certified therapist is I was more confident that she won’t go through those pain again.

I assured her about it and told her that with great techniques, guided meditation, and the help of spirit guides, you don’t relive that moment; it’s just reviewing the past life like we are watching a movie. You can’t feel those pain again as you are living in this lifetime, you have just carried imprints at a soul level, in cells and atoms in your body, emotional level, and there are some emotions still holding you back; that’s why we attract same struggles in this life to learn and let go, to forgive and understand we are no longer the same and we don’t need those beliefs anymore in this lifetime. She trusted me after having a discovery call for 40 minutes and explained the process.

On the primary Session Day – I relaxed her, asked her to breathe, and trusted everything would be fine; I was there with her. As we go deeper into the alpha state of the subconscious mind with guided meditation, it is the easiest and safest way to dig deeper and dive into many lives; while I was channeling with spirit guides and asking for complete protection from the universe to feel safe and can go quickly into a deeper level.

Once we reached a point where I could ask questions to her higher self and subconscious mind, accessing all imprints and visuals of her many lives went smoothly to review those events where she felt “I AM NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY FROM MANY LIVES.”

As we go back to scene, place, event, and time, a very significant year where she felt of not having enough money ….

Scene 1

Please tell me what you are seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

In 1949, she was outside with her father, she remembered her age, 6 years old, wearing a white dress, and her dad left her alone.

I asked her what are you feeling – Anna replied: I left all alone, I can see the scene is entirely in black and white, and that makes her feel dark; she felt someone locked her in the box, and she felt lost, she was screaming and saying I can’t live without you dad (teary eyes went through the session, its good sign to releasing emotions from many lives) after specific time she felt I lost my hopes as he didn’t come back.

Being hopeless and helpless is the most powerful emotion that holds you back from manifesting anything you want.

Scene 2

In the year 1932, at the age of 40, she was with her child (5 years old), standing inside the compound, feeling helpless as her left hand was very weak and not able to hold the baby, she felt sadness, and there was nobody around her, she saw garbage in front of her window. She felt like she felt the same as garbage (in this lifetime, she has pain in her left hand and leg, which we regress those pain to; imagine how the pain we carry from many lives too).

When I asked her why are you alone, Anna replied that her parents were enslaved and working in an iron factory; she was feeling the pain of her parents in her hand; here’s a great example of how we carry others’ emotions and pains so easily.

We all are energetically aligned; hence, we don’t understand how to segregate individual pains and get into a spiral energetically. The feeling of slavery and helpless makes her believe in not having enough money because her parents were slaves of some factory and hardly can earn for their survival. Emotions and pains which we carry are easily manifested in our reality, and it becomes easy to attract people who treat us like a slave, who makes us feel helpless and hopeless.

Scene 3

The year 1917, standing alone at the threshold of the main door, facing outside and feeling helpless and hopeless, in deep pain where she was sinking into not being enough and not having enough; she was in her 30s with the immense responsibility of having disabled father, not earning good enough.

I asked her what made her feel when you have responsibilities for the entire family.

Anna replied: I felt burdened and very limited in spending money; I had no freedom to live my own life. I felt I was stuck with everything, with lots of anger and sadness; she was moving her body when she felt anger, tears came out of feeling so hopeless, anger burst into tears of not being who she wanted to be. She felt like giving up her life. Again, her left hand and body were in pain.

After all, going through 3 lifetimes, we both discussed what beliefs you carry on those lives and

Anna replied: I was the only person with too much responsibility, which made me feel helpless.

And no matter what I earn, I need more than that.

As a therapist, I aim to understand the ROLE, FUNCTION, PURPOSE, AND intention of that belief in her many lifetimes.

When we dig deeper to understand:

Role: to teach her to go beyond and look for help

Function: Teach her others are more important than money; Faith requires strength

Purpose: To get into true power and be with her Life purpose, look above and below in the world to identify its true sense, spiritual growth, and connect to her higher self.
Intention: Bring her close to reality with joy.

We all have the power within us. What holding us back is the meaning of those emotions, which make us feel that we of not worthy or not able to connect those emotions, usually as human we have never been taught how to emote or communicate our darkest wounds; we don’t communicate with others and feels like others will understand, no it’s not like that in my spiritual practice from past 10 years I have learned how to communicate of what I feel, whenever is needed to speak for yourself, whenever is needed to communicate with others to understand.

Now it’s time for transformation where she wants to feel safe and attract money and wealth; as a therapist, I always as my client HOW YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT PAIN.
It’s the most beautiful way to see yourself and manifest as you want. After the transformation audio recording, I request all my clients to listen every day for 20 minutes of transformation recording to rebuild their new beliefs and start believing in their dreams and goals, it’s the easiest and fastest way to manifest, and it always makes you vibrate high.

Just imagine every moment you feel you are wealthy; it attracts new doors to work and helps you focus; when we work high frequencies of believing and trust that we can do, manifestation starts at no time.

Just imagine when we believe in our old shelf and still dream about our goals and want to achieve that success than how life will be when we come out from those traumas, old beliefs, hurts, and pain.

In my journey, I have learned that only fear is holding you back, nothing else; once you overcome any fear or feeling that you are not worthy, life becomes magical, and every day is a miracle. You will dance to your tune and enjoy every moment of life; you will see that everything is made of pure love.

If you want to experience past life regression, connect with Prriti Parmaar, life coach of Light Angelic, and get healed with the mesmerizing techniques including past life regression.

  • Past Life Regression
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with physical pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex


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