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Cheating: What I Attract- One Failed Relationship

Traumas have become a part of our lives. We move on from the situations, but our inner souls remain wounded for a long time. Anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other issues start arising when the dreadful memories of the past surround us.

People with past traumas, childhood wounds, and fears attract “energy vampires” or “energy parasites.” Which makes you a victim and blocks your blessings.

Energy vampires or parasites are individuals who intentionally drain the emotional energy of a person. They connect with us for their benefit and do not carry any emotions, feelings, or empathy for others.

We usually attract those unemotional people who take charge of our beings and destroy our authenticity of being faithful souls. As these events happen in our lives to teach us how to be courageous and live our lives with dignity and respect.

So, how to move away from those parasites and vampires? Read this blog till the end, and clear your vision to heal yourself better.

The universe always supports you to Heal.

The Universe decides a collision with these individuals in the journey of our lives as a part of our Karmic cycle.

With our busy lives, speedy work schedules, and easy availability of things, we sometimes get lost in this materialistic world and can’t connect with our inner wounds.

We never concentrate on our traumas during the hectic daylight, and with the rising moon, all the black clouds cover our minds and soul and don’t let us sleep.

Realizing that you’re going through a karmic cycle and breaking this cycle through our inner cleansing is essential.

The karmic chakra goes on from generation to generation and won’t stop until you get the courage to break this cycle.

Suppose we talk of an abusive relationship where one partner becomes an abuser and another a victim; in the connection, we have been taught to be like this for a generation; it’s going on, and we are told to accept it as part and parcel of life. But the universe will always guide you to find your inner to learn your life’s lessons.

So, once the abuser will always be an abuser, repeating every day can be intolerable, and a deep void of being victimized is created from a long journey of unheard voices and feelings. The universe gives you the courage to say “NO” to this violence, but karmic cycles continue until you learn to hear your voice.

It can be from a past life or this life or will continue to the next life to attract the same pain; these pains are real and unable to communicate in words to anyone.

With these awful experiences, you start building your future, and what happens next? Trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, migraine, anxiety, etc.

So, first of all, cleansing the soul is crucial to throw out these energy parasites from your life. Understanding our soul’s purpose leads us toward a path of enlightenment and bright light of optimism.

You are a treasure trove for yourself to bring positivity, happiness, and a stress-free zone into your life. Build a sense of courage within you, and trust the universe to fight with all the troubles.

Remember that the Universe supports you with an unconditional belief you have. Trust is crucial to connect with the universe and your spirit guides.

With the lack of trust and belief in the Universe, you can’t manifest what you desire. You can’t get away from those energy vampires sucking your positive energy every day and taking you toward the valley of discouragement and demotivation by shattering your self-esteem and confidence.

If your Karmic cycle ends, you have cleaned out all the negative energy hidden inside you and are free from any past-life traumas or horrible childhood experiences.

With this, you will start attracting new good relationships. Instead of drawing a Karmic partner who cheats and shows disloyalty, you can get a supportive, caring soulmate who has an open heart for offering you, unconditional love.

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