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Courageous Conversations while walking through Spiritual Journey

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The initiation of healing till reaching a point where we can start our spiritual journey has many stations in between. It can begin from flight and Fight mode problems like post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, anxiety, and so forth are a part of the healing process.

A process of awakening to the point of realizing everything was falling apart, but being spiritual for the past ten years, I learned that whatever I was losing somewhere universe was making space for something new within me. In my outer world, as the human mind, we don’t understand this and get into the panic attack of losing something, process into grief, anger, hatred many more layers get peeling off apart from oneself who you are and who you want to be.

We start opening up to overcome our fears, traumatic memories, and other related issues during healing. Then the moment arises when we reach a point where we don’t need our old self; we don’t resonate with old energies, and friends and family may no longer recognize us as we used to be; in my experience, such kinds of points fall apart when I was in kundalini awakening, a Serpent rising which I call and immense fear and same time joy within self hence.

What happens in the healing journey, and how do we become courageous to talk about our wounds and experience blissfulness with the Source and the start of the spiritual path?

Don’t worry; feel connected to this blog, and continue with this till the end to uncover the hidden treasure.

When there is Courage, Courageous Conversations do Happen.

From an aimless life, broken heart, and destructed soul to a successful life. A person from survival to success, a heart with unconditional love and positive energy in the body and soul says your healing journey, and it continues to be grateful if you have faith in it.

No longer hold off being unsafe of uncertainty; being healed from our past traumas and awakening makes you believe you are safe. Eventually, new doorways open; we ultimately meet our soul tribe and start attracting abundance.

Once you get healed, you start looking at things from a different perspective and getting signs to begin your spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey of awakening calls you to walk on it wholeheartedly. You start believing in yourself, and suddenly your fears vanish like vapor.

A healed soul initiates courageous conversations because now they have come out of the traumas and thrown away the fears of childhood.

The divine path of spirituality connects you to the Universe. We start believing in the power of the Universe and trust our intuitions.

The moments like an abusive relationship, childhood traumas, losing a loved one, and what we fear to talk about are now included as a part of our conversations; we start sharing those with the world as there is a massive urge to help others, it inner call where we see the society and norms doesn’t resonate with us, we are always connected with spirit guides and their guidance allows us to have courageous conversations within self and towards the world. Realization of your worth and being a part of your journey makes you bold to discuss not accepting the abuse or any traumas,

  • A conversation with spirit guides or with the universe helps to set your everyday plans and achieve successful goals
  • A daily conversation with your higher self gives you the courage to set boundaries; it helps to dive deep to see and not repeat the same patterns
  • A courageous conversation within yourself will give you immense support and awareness of hostile surroundings and protect you.
  • A courageous conversation with the universe shows you how powerful you are
  • A courageous conversation with a source makes you believe in faith and trust
  • A faith that can move mountains

Anxiety and stress break their genuine relationship with you when a divine light of enlightenment sparks in your eyes.

You start attracting the ones who will offer you unconditional love, proper care, positivity, encouragement, support, and whatever you were deprived of earlier.

A spiritual journey can be blessed by birth for some groups of people or some; it can be triggered when you go through dreadful events. The signs that show you’ve entered into your path of spirituality,

  • You will start seeking your life’s purpose
  • The mindset starts changing by viewing life more broadly
  • You don’t get allured towards materialistic things anymore
  • Transformation of your inner soul begins
  • You aim at bigger goals now
  • A sense of self-realization
  • Not feeling the need to change others
  • Ego breaking
  • A sense of not fitting into any societal norms
  • Feeling of something missing within yourself after having everything
  • Complete feeling of void or emptiness
  • Exploring life events in dreams

Have you ever felt like talking to a healer or a life coach? If not, let me explain how they help you go through the healing journey and get onto the spiritual phase of life through courageous conversations.

The healing experts talk about your inner pain, traumas you’ve held in your heart for a long time, etc. By sharing your negative life experiences that are shredding your internal soul day by day, you get healed at a faster pace.

Using positive affirmations in your everyday life and encouraging yourself for a better tomorrow takes you toward the spiritual journey.

The healers support each sufferer by returning to the moments you don’t want to remember and facing the fear to overcome it.

Life coaches let you enter a spiritual path that leads toward positivity, connecting with yourself, creating a sense of self-love, accepting the truth, and becoming free from all the burdens held on your shoulders for a longer time.

Healers encourage you through courageous conversations; eventually, you will start participating in those conversations without fear.

You’ll soon find inner peace when you enter your spiritual journey’s divine path. Now, you are free from negative thoughts, like post-traumatic stress disorder, as you have purified your soul and moved in the right direction where your mind connects with the Universal powers.

If you want to experience the spiritual path by getting onto a spiritual journey, connect with Prriti Parmaar, a Life coach, Light Angelic, and feel the power of healing. The incredible healing techniques used by the healing coach are,

  • Guided Meditation
  • Vortex Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Singing Sound Healing
  • Finding Authentic self
  • Money Belief Blocks therapy
  • Grief release therapy
  • Relationship issues
  • Depression Therapy
  • Anxiety Therapy
  • Fears and phobia therapy
  • Energy healer
  • Cleansing Energy of Aura
  • Cleansing House Energy through Holistic rituals
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • New Moon Meditation

So, it’s never too late to start; encourage yourself to touch the doorstep of the spiritual path with Light Angelic now.

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