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Deepest Fears and Belief of Being Unsafe

Therapy for PTSD

Our deepest fear is to be exposed to our inner demons, not to the outer world, and here is why………..people don’t want to experience the same pain again and again, so we indulge with so many different masks of being OK.

Our soul always sought to show us where the hidden fear of feeling unsafe is there, it can be with specific events or in our dreams, but we are not that aware or connected to our physical reality and are not connected with the higher realm.

Some may experience anxiety, some may feel dirty, some may feel being used, or some may feel not protected, and all this fear is screaming within us—the fear of feeling unsafe. So, what are the reasons for not feeling safe where you are and where you want to move?

The connection between feeling safe and unsafe is fragile. Energy plays a significant role in helping you overcome your fears.

You should believe and have faith in the power of the Universe—everyone who makes you feel safe shows you how unsafe you are within yourself. Healing works when we feel secure with ourselves and our surroundings, or else we will attract the same event to feel unsafe.

The power to succeed is to overcome fear, which is the key, the answer we are looking for, and trust me, it works miraculously.

The universe aligns with your positive energies and supports you in offering what you want. The free will of the soul works the way you want.

Traumas are the biggest reason for the occurrence of fear of being unsafe. Many times, the deepest wounds come out on the strangest occasions. These wounds are more dangerous than physical ailments.

In recent times when I experienced the deepest wounds of feeling unsafe when I decided to start independently and give up my 9-5 job. Yes, it was challenging to create something new when I was a rigid wire with a 9-5 job for almost 25 years. Yes, it’s true, it’s courage, and healing works do miracles.

In recent times I learned to be patient without a job, learn to unlearn old patterns, and learn how to grow and collaborate with a new world; it’s all mindset of being how much you are ready to face your fear.

We all are comfortable when working for someone else, but success only comes when you are in the most uncomfortable place, and you know why because we fight for every fear we have within us.

Artists, actors, influencers, doctors, writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and many more have anxiety, but they are ready to grind themselves to find something new hidden treasure within themselves.

Money is not a problem; money never makes you safe or unsafe; emotions behind money or belief about money make you feel unsafe.

The diseases or disorders caused by traumas include post-traumatic stress disorder, stress, anxiety, and many other issues, and fear is one of them.

Fear is a Curse of Stressful Experiences

After a dreadful event, our heart trembles with fear, and sleepless nights (insomnia) make us depressed. We started moving away from people, withdrawing ourselves from the happiness of society.

  • Fear of being judges
  • Fear of being failed
  • Fear of feeling unsafe
  • Fear of feeling not worthy
  • Fear or feeling criticized
  • Fear of feeling rejected

And so on ……. A volcano of anger outbursts impulsively and violent behaviors become common for us. With the traumatic events that happened to us and the awful memories build a factor of fear of not being safe at any place within us. Innumerous failures and rejections make us demotivated.

Failure and rejection are so powerful in our minds and body that we attract negativity, and suicidal thoughts sometimes allow us to harm ourselves. Avoiding the places that remind us of those horrifying incidents and feeling lethargic and tired become a part of our life.

We started experiencing panic attacks due to fear, followed by drastic fluctuations in our mood.

These traumatic symptoms are visible to us, as they affect us physically. But what we can’t see still haunts us. Our thoughts and fears hiding behind our minds and souls shake us and keep us stuck.

Thoughts of trusting nobody due to past experiences allow us to avoid others—a review of fearing that everyone will hurt you and can cheat on you.

This becomes a barrier to a new life, be it a new career, relationship, or even a new house. We are unable to share our feelings of fear of losing people.

We start believing that we are unsafe and will never be safe, which shatters our inner souls. Feeling guilty or shameful in our thoughts becomes a barrier to showing up confidently before society.

Intense fears of abandonment or loss allow us to forget the real meaning of being safe.

Overcome Your Fears and Feel Safe Again

Being aware of the fears that are haunting you is very important. Consider yourself deserving of a safe home.

Removing the thoughts of harming yourself, finding peace, and keeping your inner soul fresh and enthusiastic may help you eradicate your fears. It’s tough to express or communicate the pain that we have beneath our inner world that nobody understands, and here healing work allows you to overcome those events and nourish you to a new path.

Having true faith in the Universe and feeling the power of your inner soul connecting with your spirit guides will allow you to fight your fears even easier.

We all can overcome those fears and can lead new life by connecting with the life coach of Light Angelic and experiencing the incredible healing techniques mentioned below,

  • Reiki Healing
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • NLP
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Holistic Healing Practices
  • Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounding Sea Meditation
  • Jogging/Walking, etc.

So, these healing processes are waiting for you to get your fear out of your inner soul and make your soul happy and energetic again. So, visit now.

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