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Find your Uniqueness- Inner Guidance

Therapy for PTSD Dubai

Everyone is unique somehow, but we are unaware of it somewhere. We remain in the dreadful memories of the past and are rigorously dragged with negative emotions.

The pessimism in us due to past experiences, childhood traumas, and wounded inner child shreds our souls into pieces and closes our doors to optimism.

Problems like anxiety, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc., make their home in our minds and bodies.

We look for therapy for PTSD by connecting with the best life coach, and through their unique healing techniques, we start seeing the positive side of the world again.

Uniqueness is Sensed after a Calm Healing Journey

And then starts a spiritual phase for some of us. Entering the realm of spiritualism awakens us to several new aspects hidden behind the dense bushes of disgusting thoughts and worn-out souls.

Uniqueness is one of those aspects that was exhausted because of our torn souls, minds, and bodies.

With the spiritual awakening, the veil of ignorance is lifted, and our universe starts giving us signs to tell us about our uniqueness.

The uniqueness in ourselves serves us in our physical world and helps us find our Soul’s purpose with unique universal laws and alignment to serve a greater purpose on this earth.

We came here not only to have family, children, friends, and money; apart from all material aspects, we all have a greater purpose to serve in this life. Light can only enter when there is a window, gap, or crack, like when we have a difficult life. This is where we find our unique caliber, potential, and way of approaching life.

With healing and connecting with the Universe, and after the spiritual awakening, we can find our true selves with inner guidance.

In recent times I have seen many people have left jobs (9-5) and actual slavery and find the uniqueness of their survival; nobody has come down to this planet without their baggage of sorrows and traumas; people wander here and there to find that spark within them to lead the life the way they want and why so? Genuinely speaking, our souls know much better than us; we run with our limited mindset, conditioned with society, and conditioned with our family rules and regulations to live our lives. With all this baggage, many souls have just left this planet without knowing their worth. Everyone is gifted, but no one has time to tap those gifts.

For me, spirituality and healing help to lead a path of actual being “WHO AM I”.

Let me take you toward spirituality to help you understand better.

Sometimes somewhere, a deep desire lit like a low flame in our hearts, but we’re unable to recognize it due to our diverted mind, screaming voices of awful past experiences, and a shattered soul.

Every soul on this planet is genuinely spiritual; I don’t say you have to sit down and meditate to find your purpose; some people are gifted, some do it consciously, and some people like me need inner healing to understand their worth. It all depends on your journey to find your true spark, which helps to motivate you every day.

We have to find true happiness within us; nobody can make you happy unless you are happy within yourself; In the same way, nobody can make you unique unless you find your worth of being courageous, loved, worthy, and embracing self-qualities. You are unique in being so confident; you are unique in being positive; you are unique in finding a leader, mentor, healer, doctor, writer, artist, poet, photographer…….and many more. It’s all about finding and embracing yourself to be authentic to yourself; that’s unique, courageous, and life.

True confidence and believing in yourself can move mountains, and it’s not one day journey; as spiritual awakening triggers us, we become aware of our uniqueness. A small flame of deep desire converts into a bigger one.

We move toward our passion instead of being a part of the crowd. You break the cycles, years and years, of believing that you weren’t good enough, believing that you were a problem, people pleasing, and doing everything for everyone else. Still, in a healing journey, you can jump into timelines and become the highest version of yourself, the work needed to elevate and make you accessible.

Having worked in corporate life for the past 25 years, I learned many lessons about being authentic and self-love. Understanding my worth made me a true healer to walk this planet and help others come out from those caged emotions. I am independent of my slavery; today, I built a castle of self-worthiness. Follow your inner intuition where you feel safe, joyous, and passionate; it eventually will show your uniqueness.

Always remember, the Universe is a giver; it never says NO to anybody. It’s all about your belief and faith that helps you connect with the divine power of the Universe.

A divine connection to the Universe gives you a purpose in life. When you awake spiritually, a universal connection begins.

Our spirit guides give us inner guidance to look at our uniqueness and help us connect the best for our life.

If you want to feel the divine power by healing your body, mind, and soul, you can connect with the best life coach of Light Angelic, Prriti Parmaar, and start your powerful healing sessions that include,

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with physical pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing vortex

So, connect with Light Angelic now, and be a part of the spiritual journey to find your uniqueness through the inner guidance of the divine power of the Universe.

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