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How to Overcome Victimhood and Find your Inner Voice?

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We have all gone through the feeling of being a victim by society, colleagues, families, and friends and it hit directly our Mind, body, and soul which weighs us down, and courage to stand on our feet. Finding peace with respect is very challenging for those who carry the victimhood patterns.

We as humans understand being bullied domestic violence, and molestation professionally or in our personal life

What are red flags to dig deeper

  • Facing betrayal
  • Feeling of people used me
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Feeling helpless to hopeless
  • Feeling humiliated
  • Terrified of being with any other human touch
  • Nightmares
  • Terrified with unknown Smells, Noise, Places
  • Carrying immense hatred
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Feeling sorry
  • Look for validation from outside

These are the powerful red flags that show us that we are carrying the patterns of victimhood.

Why do we go through all these challenges? Why do we choose this life for the best victims?

Come along with me, and have some understanding that will help you to overcome this issue.

The reasons for feeling that way and the cure will be explained in this enticing blog. So, continue reading this till the end to ensure deep learning.

I Don’t Have Voice: Feeling Damaged

We all learn to tolerate the feelings over years, as over years tolerating and suppressing those traumas and it never happened to us makes like more miserable in adulthood. As a child, if the body is treated badly, it will react outraged, and rebellious and It will always carry the feeling of unsafe, fear of uncertainty, terror, or opposite sex.

Life begins with our birth and can feel unsafe in the womb too if the mother is going through a rough phase of her life, where she faces humiliation, violation, a forceful experience without her concern,

As a child after coming to this world, they carry patterns of not having their voice and get into the loop of cycles and repeating patterns to face failure, rejection, abundance, and throwing others pain victims.

What is Victimhood looks like, feels like an experience like…….

Yes, it’s true for these people who look for validation, love, care, and security from the outside, who are least emotionally, and mentally available to them. Getting into that environment where they keep on suppressing their voice so they can learn to have their voice.

It’s been so conditioned to us that we believe we deserve this kind of behavior from others. We always look outside to save us and get someone to be so powerful to take us out of those shits.

It all begins with the hardships you endured as a child, which wounded your inner child and caused you to grow up with a victim attitude. Yes, that’s right.

But we don’t take the responsibility of making our voice raised for our stand, we forget our own identity, self-respect, and most important constant battle of feeling unsafe and unworthiness

Getting through rough patches of life and not taking any account of the life going through that phase is also self-abuse, making and taking advantage is also the biggest mistake we do. Its mind frame when we suffered from childhood, or have been raised

The power of taking the courage to change and not accepting to be in those suffering

It’s hard for these people. Most individuals have experienced traumatic events in their childhood. It can be a serious accident, abuse (physical or mental), or a demise of a loved one.

These incidents emotionally suppress a person and hamper their growth. They carry the same energy as their childhood and attract the same patterns in the future and repeat till they learn their voice

The universe will throw all negativity to overcome from those people, places, and environments to align yourself with your higher self.

To understand

  • self-respect
  • to get the courage
  • to connect with inner
  • to learn a lesson
  • to create self-boundaries
  • to have a healthy relationship with ourselves
  • to feel safe within our own body
  • to feel confidence
  • to feel worthiness
  • to get life purpose
  • to feel wholeness

It’s an inner wound to be healed so you can overcome the phase of being a victim and feels the wholeness within yourself. How to feel safe within your skin. Learning to know that I belong to this world and people love me.

Learning what home looks like within your own body learn to know …….unknown

How much we respect our body, people who are carrying as victim usually goes to external substance, and addictions, why they do so because they don’t want to feel those pain anymore, they have gone through so much that pain is no more to sense or feel

What I have learned through my practice is an RTT practitioner or with a Spiritual connection to the higher self, childhood wounds attract most narcissists or who have experienced the same.

It always works as the universe will give you what you are not what you want, to unlearn what you have learned from so many years.

The development of a narcissistic mentality in individuals is another reason for childhood trauma. Do you know about this? A narcissist is a person who thinks that the world revolves around them; they are self-obsessed, selfish, demanding, and less empathic. It takes ages to understand and we always feel it’s our mistake, now is the time to overcome repeating self-tortured life.

With spiritual and holistic approach life can be changed. Our subconscious mind is a blueprint of our experiences, let’s tab those suppressed emotions to let go of the things which are holding you back.

To overcome victimhood, you need an experienced healing coach. A healer helps you get yourself out of the victim mentality, and lets you live your life to the fullest.

Have you ever visited Light Angelic? This is a perfect place where you can attain immense healing, and a better chance to overcome victimhood.

How will an individual give their partner unconditional love, if they haven’t seen and experienced it from their childhood?

Get Connected with Prriti Parmaar

The mind healing consultant, Prriti Parmaar offers phenomenal ways of getting rid of many serious troubles like Relationship coach and post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and many other issues including victimhood.

Let us see what she offers,

  • Inner Child Wound Healing
  • Meditation
  • Connecting to the higher self
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Balancing of Chakras
  • Singing Sound Healing
  • Reiki Healing, and many more.

So, get connected with us, have a marvelous uninterrupted healing journey, and wash away the victimhood from the roots.

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