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Life is Hard to Find Love

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In our life, we always seek unconditional love, the love that is free from all limitations or boundaries and carries no demands and toxicity.

But seeking unconditional love is sometimes daunting for us. Instead of getting loving and caring people in our life, we attract toxic and harmful people.

Trust issues that hold our hands from past dreadful experiences and childhood traumas never let us enter any relationship.

The cords of negative energies are not yet cut and pull us back from the ones we desire unconditional love from.

Healing is the only medium to calm all the volcanos made up of anger and distrust, and they are ready to burst anytime, anywhere.

A Blessing of Pure Love is a Blessing of the Universe

As a healer and a life coach, I have been through various clients dealing with the same situation we are discussing.

Let me share some experiences that will help you better understand the topic.

One of my clients has gone through a poor marriage, where she faced issues like domestic violence, mental abuse, and emotional stress that shattered her soul and tore her emotions to pieces.

She was unable to move forward even after taking a divorce. The memories of the past turned into post-traumatic stress disorder, and she finally came to me.

She told every single experience of her and explained how she coped with each problem during her marriage.

The brutal scenes that she’d gone through still tremble her and shake her soul from a deeper level.

Suicidal thoughts became a common thought for her. A new relationship was like an evil regime, and trust issues became a priority for her.

During the depressing phase of life, her haunting dreams and a sense of fear surrounded her like a shadow.

She couldn’t take a single step towards a new beginning and start seeing life as a burden.

Trust issues arising from a ridiculous experience suppress the woman’s emotions and take her into deep fear.

Offering immensely incredible guidance, and healing techniques, I made her stand stood again.

A Life Coach is a Treasure Trove

Overcoming trust issues takes much work. Our thoughts couldn’t let us connect with the Universe and heal at a better pace.

During this stage, a zeal to fight against our emotions is possible only after connecting with a supportive life coach.

During this phase of life when anyone goes through immense inner work, shadow work, and digs deep dive within her wounds, it layers up many aspects of life to discover many wounds are from a past life and karmic encounter partners, many times some emotional and mindset are thrown from many lives, and it keeps on repeating.

Without having felt misery and pain, it is impossible to comprehend or appreciate joy and happiness truly. The quality of life embraces when there is balance and harmony in the universe.

Everything is connected. We are accepting our truth as well as others, surroundings, embracing suffering with unconditional love. To find love, we need to learn ourselves first and allow ourselves to forgive past mistakes. Respecting individual paths and embracing everyone’s challenge towards sufferings with unconditional love, where we shed our judgment and egos and become free from conditioned old selves.

Well, I learned that lives could be defined as eating, sleeping, and working; relationships can be just to be romantically and physically availed to partner. No, it’s not true. Being in spirituality for the past ten years, acceptance and surrender are critical. Allowing another person to be vulnerable and have a courageous conversation about their induvial pains and beliefs and help each other break those walls makes them suffocating.

When you work on your relationship, the universe will test you in every aspect of life. We always need to find out which person is playing the role of clearing your karmic lessons.

Once we overcome our healing journey, there are many aspects to see how powerful you become to accept and nourish the Relationship by having a courageous conversation with healthy boundaries and how much you learned from past experiences; the universe will test you every single time so as not to repeat the same mistake. We are always taught hard lessons from the universe.

It just happens for you to understand each experience and learn the lesson. The idea of a relationship is to accept everything without expecting it to match your vibration or alignment. Love yourself and embrace the beauty of your wounds and traumas, which will attract your unconditional love partner.

The healers and coaching work incredibly in taking us out of the memories of the past.

Talking with us on our issues openly, a healer, always makes us feel comfortable.

Although healing takes time, patience and belief always let you succeed.

To attract unconditional love or find true love, it’s never complicated if you have a healed mind, body, and soul.

With a peaceful mind, inclining spiritually is possible. The faith and belief lost during our hard days suddenly get back within us, allowing us to feel the power of the Universe.

Universal powers help us to manifest unconditional love from the specific person we desire. Walking on a spiritual path and receiving the signs of the Universe is bliss.

Experience the arrival of your steadfast love through meaningful dreams, angel numbers, and things like money, coins, and feathers on your path.
Recognize the messages the Universe is trying to give, open all the doors of your heart by eliminating the trust issues, and manifest your person easily and happily.

If you want to attain a soothing happiness of unconditional love, get in touch with Prriti Parmaar, life coach at Light Angelic, and experience the magnificent techniques of healing mentioned below,

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with physical pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing vortex


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