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Malachite: A Supporting Crystal For Massive Life Change

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Change is constant in our life on Earth (3rd dimension). As a soul in this human body, the soul knows much better and far upcoming events. Suddenly, drastic changes happen when we are not ready for it. It can be losing someone’s money, career, or job. A sudden downfall, heartbreak, or hurtful event can burden our hearts and lives. But our souls know what the highest best is for us.

We all go through a change or transformation sometimes or the other. But is transformation comfortable for you? During transformation, most individuals lose hope and get stressed, often leading to post traumatic stress disorder.

Everyone can’t leave their comfort zone quickly; transformation is all about change. But changes are inevitable, and we can’t escape from them.

Get more profound knowledge about Malachite after reading this comprehensive blog.

The fact is, it’s possible to embrace change and be comfortable in an uncomfortable phase.

We all have answers to our lives and choices for our highest purpose: to know who we are.

If you’ve ever visited the best therapist for PTSD, you might have encountered various crystals that may have allured you.

This crystal is incredible and powerful in your transformation healing journey, especially for those practicing spirituality daily.

When anyone is going through massive changes in their life and this crystal appears and draws your attention, go for it.

Your soul knows massive changes are coming up in your way. Sometimes, you unconsciously sense something is about to happen or will happen. Your inner guidance and your Soul show you the direction where you need support. Malachite has such powerful energy to support during this time.

This Crystal knows how to support you energetically when massive changes come in your life, spiritually or in this physical world realm. Usually, being in this human form, we don’t understand the change, which can drag us into hostile environments such as addiction or the darkness of suicide attacks.

But do you know we only have manifested somewhere back in our life to have changed? It can be a job, career change, relationship, or moving to another city or country. Yes, we all look for change, but when it happens, it’s getting into the uncomfortable zone of being what we wanted and creating unstable, unstoppable negative thoughts of fear, failure, rejection, and judgment.

Isn’t it????

In your life path or Karma, this crystal is predestined to go through with them for your higher leanings.

A mind-healing professional uses ample crystals for distinct purposes.

Maybe it’s hard to believe, but there is a crystal called Malachite, specially known for offering an individual the courage to embrace transformation.

Yeah, it’s true.

So, do you want to get some details about the crystal? Continue reading, and make your transformation journey easy.

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The Stone of Transformation: Accept the Change with Courage

Malachite is a green-colored and black-swirled crystal known as the stone of transformation. The crystal works best for those who fear leaving their comfort zone.

When moving forward in life becomes daunting, crystal healing with a Malachite gives you immense relief and strength.

Malachite has incredible healing properties apart from helping during your transformation journey. So, let’s attain some worthy information about the crystal and learn about its best healing properties.

Healing Properties of Malachite

  • The best support during the transformation journey.
  • Stimulate Will Power
  • Bless an individual with strength and courage.
  • Eliminates negative energy and toxic emotions.
  • Uplifts the confidence.
  • A great healer.
  • A bliss for menstrual cramps.
  • Opens the heart chakra and works effectively with the solar plexus and third eye charka.
  • The crystal works best for healing broken bones, joint issues, and torn muscles.
  • Filled with vital feminine energy, the stone helps a woman during labor pain and menstrual cramps, and so is known as the Midwife Stone.
  • Malachite is the best stone to reduce fear and control phobias.
  • Those who suffer from travel sickness, Malachite is an effective crystal for them.

How to Activate and Charge Malachite?

Cleansing is the primary thing that needs to be done before activating and charging a crystal. So, to properly cleanse Malachite, use lukewarm, soapy water and a cloth to dry it immediately.

Malachite is a soft stone and contains a higher copper content. So, never put Malachite in the water longer to avoid damaging the crystal. A sound bath is also an effective way to cleanse the crystal.

Bury the crystal in the earth, place it beneath a tree for an evening, and finally activate it by placing it under sunlight or moonlight.

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Manifesting Abundance with Malachite

Let’s talk about the Myth of Crystal.

Will it ruin my life ??? NO

As I said, this crystal comes before you go through any massive changes, so intuitively, the soul knows you will need support energetically, even after losing your loved ones; it helps and gives you unconditional love to go through such phases.

In my personal life, it came when I did not know that I would be losing my Dad and that there would be a massive career change. Being spiritual, constant change is happening in our world and cosmos; this stone has been with me for almost two years, and my spiritual inner work is constantly going through massive tower moments one by one.

Yes, it’s very destructive, but crystals don’t come to destroy you. It only comes when you go through destruction or life-changing experiences to guide and support you. It’s a warrior sword handed over to me by my Spirit guides to fight against my inner demons.

What are we manifesting, then ??

Manifesting is not always a material world, but this stone is for all healers, light workers, and spiritual beings who constantly spread light while fighting and overcoming their demons and darkness.

This crystal will help you stimulate your willpower, help you ground your heavy energy, and bring gentle transformation with personal power to go through it.

Eventually, it will bring death and rebirth of your life like you have reincarnated yourself without exiting the body; it’s more about spiritual and energy level of work without losing yourself. Implies energy, deep healing for the heart, and gets higher intuition to walk on your path.

The most potent way is to keep this crystal between the Heart chakra while doing Reiki meditation; it allows us to penetrate that powerful energy within us. If it’s done for 21 days continuously, it works way faster.

Join our Intensive workshop for 21 days, which works miracles with many of my clients.

While doing any form of meditation (especially on a full moon), make sure to do the following.

  • Cleanse and Charge

Usually, all crystals are cleaned and Charged on Full moon night by keeping them overnight under whole moon night to get direct energy from the moon. Cleanse your crystals with Sea Saltwater or water rinse and keep them outside to nature to energize pure energy.

  • Set Your Intentions

The initial step to manifest abundance and wealth with Malachite or any crystal setting your intentions is a must. You must think of what you desire and remain focused on it with an immense belief.

  • Find a Peaceful Place and Meditate

To perform proper manifestation, find a quiet and sacred place to sit with your Crystal to meditate without disturbance for at least 30 minutes. Sit comfortably and take deep breaths by closing your eyes and relaxing your mind, body, and soul. Hold in your hands and start focusing on your intentions.

Focus on your financial intentions, and visualize that you are wealthy. Visualize intensely and feel the emotions.

  • Journaling

Journaling your intentions and what you are about in your life will help you attract more abundance, the right people, and your soul team, which can work magically.

  • Affirmations

Affirm positivity during your transformation journey.

I am loved, protected, and aligned with my higher self.

I am so lucky everything is working out for me

I am creating new realities with my spirituality, and I welcome new energy

I am safe

Crystal will make you feel safe and give you the courage to a leap of faith for your manifestation and goals.

  • Express Gratitude

Thank the Universe for your wealth, abundance, and manifestations coming towards you.

  • Open Your Eyes Slowly

Please open your eyes, release the focus, and thank the crystal for its assistance.

That’s how you can manifest wealth and abundance. But remember that your belief and faith in your crystal is a must. Without a robust belief system, you can’t manifest your desires.

Secondly, everyone must remember it’s a journey to attract anything in our life but foremost is to work on our shadows, our demons inside, releasing old beliefs. Always embrace those moments of failure; learning above obstacles will not help you manifest every other step in your life. I am grateful Malachite came into my life and works shield from other unknown, invisible territory of spirit guides.

The protective crystal is the best for absorbing all the negative energies and clearing out the blockages in the solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and crown chakra.

Mind healing consultants use Malachite mostly in sound healing and Reiki Healing.

The healers use the crystal to balance the chakras while performing reiki healing. Reiki healing transfers positive energy to the person by gently touching the sufferer.

So, using Malachite in the reiki healing process helps balance the chakras, enhances the flow of energy, brings positivity, amplifies strengths and determination in the sufferer, and so on.

Healing professionals also use Malachite during the process of sound healing. During sound healing, the mind healing consultants use instruments like gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc. Keeping Malachite near these instruments enhances the vibrational quality of the sound.

The healers also place the crystal on the specific chakras to promote a better alignment and harmonization of the energy centers.

So, Malachite has incredible properties and benefits that can be experienced using one.

Life coaches or mind-healing consultants use the powerful crystal to keep you from low confidence, hampered self-esteem, less strength, and many other issues.

Placing a Malachite on your work table is the best to attract wealth and abundance.

So, if you want to experience the best manifestation through Malachite or balance your chakras through Reiki and Sound healing using Malachite, connect with Prriti Parmaar, the life coach at Light Angelic, and feel the magic of Malachite.


Malachite is an alluring and powerful crystal that can help you in several ways. If you are undergoing a transformation phase, Malachite can give you immense strength and confidence to help you get through the changes more smoothly.

You can have the best Malachite crystal healing with Prriti Parmaar, an experienced life coach at Light Angelic. In addition to crystal healing, there are numerous healing techniques offered by Prriti Parmaar. Let’s have a look below,

  • Past Life Regression
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with Physical Pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Anxiety and Depression therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex

So, what are you thinking of? Visit and have an incredible healing session now.

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