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Manifesting and the Blockages Ceasing the Process

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You might have heard about manifesting. An idea to turn your dreams into a reality. A vibrational act that helps you achieves your desired goals and has a happy well-being.

But does this happen or this is just a matter of saying?

Manifesting is a perfect process, a journey to create immense faith in the universe that helps you get what you want. This requires an intention of creating and vibrating at high frequency all the time without having any doubts or fear. A fear-based intention will create more fear.

It’s as easy as you can create till you do your inner work. Once you clear all your doubts, resentment, anger, grudges, grief, fear, and pain you become aligned with the universal energy which puts you in the face of the reality that you have created. Healing opens up your heart to feel abundance, joy, and bliss and makes you live in the present.

Reading this blog till the end will help you get perfect details about manifesting and how healers provide aid in clearing the blockages during manifesting.

Prriti Parmaar Proves to be a Great Support during Manifesting

It’s not easy to see yourself bleeding all the time and looking for the change, a change itself happens when we dive deep within ourselves with those pains. I believe personally believe pain is the blessing of my life. Yes, it is true, till I was not healed I use to ask the universe WHY ME? Now my journey taught me how I can be better to make this world better, richer, and more peaceful. It all starts within you then we can ask the universe to give us more.

Get into the breeze of vibrations of the Universe and let yourself believe in it. If you believe, you can. And that’s true.

If you desire to become a millionaire or want to have a great loving relationship, you can. It’s the belief that will make your desires turn into a reality.

Belief is where we are working on it; the main major pivot key of our beings is, belief can make you peaceful or can destroy you too. We are all conditioned by societies, family ties, past karma, karmic debt, karmic relationship, and the world which more frequently vibrates in negative space.

Belief that we carry most of us has gone through traumas that influence our present being. Many times, it covers our optimistic minds with the dark clouds of the past. It never lets us sleep, results in anxiety, stress, and sometimes post-traumatic stress disorder Dubai.

The mind-healing coaches work perfectly to come out of the zone of childhood trauma and see the world optimistically.

When manifesting anything in your life should be ready to receive this, because the unknown is not the unknown, it’s known exactly what you have asked for and brought to you, be careful what time you are manifesting and what timeline you are manifesting new something.

Maximum we all manifest in the wrong timeline, so desired outcomes are not the same as what you want, desired outcomes will be how you are in present. What kind of belief you are carrying within yourself; the universe is always guiding us on what inner works to be done till you align with your manifestation.

Be watchful when you manifest, as the universe will test you every time and, in every sense to understand if are you ready to receive the blessings.

If you are still vibrating in lower energies your manifestation will fail times and again and again.

Even I have experience universe will not give you the way you want, it will be presented to you what requires at the moment, so be sure and check every time what are feeling.

Your thoughts become emotions and emotions become your reality, every thought takes 17 seconds to come into reality.

  • Are you fleeing irritated during the process?
  • Are you getting angry and anxious in the process?
  • Are you having enough patience to trust the universe?
  • Are you having faith – that I deserve what I want?


It’s like you are filtering dirty water from the gutter, that much inner works need to filter your mind, body, and soul.

The universe will test you to see how much your desire is important. So, if you haven’t done all your inner work/shadow work and not feeling safe and secure, ready to receive universe will not give to you till you are healed.

Manifestation itself is the process of layering up and cleaning our inner demons to reach a point where it becomes as easy as you are buying your grocery or favorite food from a restaurant.

An experienced mind-healing coach is always required to wash away all the blockages to allow you to manifest perfectly.

To manifest your desired goals, your mind must be free from all the negativity.

To attract a relationship first we have to build unconditional love within ourselves.

If we are still vibrating in blame/shame games. It means some part of you is still needed healing. Allow and practice the LET GO and FORGIVENESS makes you believe – I AM WORTHY, I LOVE MYSELF, I AM ENOUGH.

Once you are feeling safe within yourself you will attract the person who will be having the same frequency of loving and care. It’s all about making space for the new person whom you are looking for.

Clearing your mind, body, and soul from all the old memories which is no longer needed now is important. Living in the present and being grateful is a crucial part to manifest properly.

A clear energy attracts abundance, a clear mindset attracts what you desire. A free mind with positivity may think best and manifest to a greater extent.

The healer helps you remove disruptive thoughts from the mind, body, and soul and allow you to practice various methods of manifesting for achieving desired goals.

Many aspects must be fulfilled to manifest any of your desires. Let us check some of the points that are important to be considered while manifesting.

  • Step 1: Intend to Have Your Desire. …
  • Step 2: Take Action on Your Desire. …
  • Step 3: Trust the process
  • Step 4 Increase your Vibration
  • Step 5: Clear all resistance
  • Step 6: Receive Your Desire


What we can do in manifesting process

  • Make a vision board. …
  • Start journaling. …
  • Say positive affirmations. …
  • Go outside the box. …
  • Surround yourself with positivity. …
  • Manifestation Affirmations
  • Money Manifestation Affirmations
  • Love Manifestation Affirmations
  • Powerful Manifestation Affirmations
  • Clear your vision
  • Keep the room of doubt empty
  • Keep the faith as the universe is working for you
  • Keep your behavior aligned
  • Align with your true inner being
  • Self-introspects
  • Allow emotions to flow
  • Sit with your pain and have a courageous conversation to heal
  • Give yourself most unconditionally and forgive yourself
  • Be grateful for where you are
  • Trust the Universe
  • Clear the tests of the Universe
  • Be positive
  • Avoid gossip
  • Do not participate in back bitching
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • De-clutter your space (house, office desk, phone, car… etc.) to create space for something coming new some rituals that you like to do(meditation ,yoga ,grounding)
  • Align your chakras
  • Listen to your mind, body, and soul (higher self)


Loving you, trusting the Universe, and feeling grateful for what you have in the present are the key points that need attention to have a fruitful manifestation.

Say thanks to the Universe for giving you what you have right now. This ceases all the hurdles coming your way and makes the process of manifestation difficult for you.

Stop thinking about past traumas or the future, and allow yourself to ask for help from mentors, gurus, and healers. Stay in the present, and try to feel the moment. Never curse your present. All this hampers the process of manifesting.

With the help of the marvelous mind-healing life coach of Light Angelic, you can allow yourself to feel happy by letting your negative memories go away.

Healers help you embrace your inner child by eradicating the memories of your childhood related to any serious trauma. This allows you to open your mind and see the beautiful world waiting for you.

Feel yourself strong enough with increased self-esteem to connect with your higher self or the Universe. With this, you can manifest anything you desire.

Now, check out how the superb life coach of Light Angelic provides to heal your mind properly so that you can manifest your dreams more smoothly,

  • Meditation
  • Sound Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Exercise
  • Holistic Health Practices
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Guided Meditation to Attract Money
  • Guided Mediation to Attract Love
  • Guided mediation to stay positive


So, connect with us at, and get ready to enjoy your life to the fullest.

To manifest take care that you are not part of any gossip, back bitching, fights, and negative thoughts.

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