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Play with Your Pain: Another Power Tool from the Spirit Guides

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Pain takes us towards negativity, and suicidal thoughts surround us; dark clouds of loneliness become our friends, and we start disconnecting from everyone.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, mental or physical assault, or a car accident; all can be considered as sources of pain.

Getting hurt physically can be healed through medicines and time, but what about inner wounds or pain from within?

The scars of inner pain remain for a long time until it’s healed.

Let us go through this marvelous blog and learn about inner pain and how to deal with it with spiritual guidance.

Pains are the Power to Find your Inner Strengths

In my healing journey, I learned a lot about letting go which is the most challenging part of our life, as we carry so much conditioning from many lives.

My pain reflected my journey to walk barely to be with me as I am; pain can make you so suppressed that even we can’t focus on the highest good for us, which has happened to me so many times.

Being raised in such traumatized surroundings as a child, I have never been taught how to find my worth when it was just merely a survival point of being, how to acknowledge my skills and talent when it was just ignored by society’s conditioning as girls can’t do.

I still remember as a kid in school; I was champion in sports; I was an athlete and always used to come first in all 100mtr,200mtr, and 400mtr; one of my favorites was a relay race in which you learn to be in a group and compete together, you learn the timings as because last person has the responsibility to cover the time if previous one is late. I was always chosen to be in last as my mentor knew she would do it; she knows her speed.

Later on, I was chosen to be a state athlete, I was presenting my school, but as usual, my parents didn’t support me because I am a girl and couldn’t do it. In my session, I learned I could have taken courageous steps to follow my goals, but I stepped back in fear of my parents, which made me feel like a complete failure, and this belief reflected in my life in various stages.

Eventually, I grew up to be rebellious and played my entire life of self-defense to prove as I could do it, I played very hard in my career, In my relationship, but it always made me feel failure, a loser, or some sort of I am not enough,

In my awakening stage, I realized all pains are treasures as it gives you to find yourself in the highest form.

Connecting to a higher dimension showed me the entire journey of my pain and how silly to behave on such small things as we have many significant things to achieve. Pain can be powerful till you give power to pain, it’s a fact, and I have experienced it; now I know and can talk to my pain to see what lies beneath to uncover more; what’s still an unhealed version of myself is holding me back.

Now I know I can separate myself from pain, mind, and body; that’s the specialty of being spiritual as now I see the world from the eye of the soul, not as human; it affects me less as I understand everyone has their learnings to go through.

A healing journey is not merely a session; it’s a spiritual journey that helps you transform your pain into your strength. It looks impossible, but it’s possible.

Your robust belief system and faithful approach connect you to your spirit guides. During the spiritual journey, your pain can empower you to fight against the demons inside your mind.

Sometimes your weakest point becomes the turning point of your life and leads to a playful and cherishing journey.

When I started channeling to spirit guides most considerable awareness I got as I was chosen once to understand all failures to become a warrior.

I felt immense joy to be chosen one, but to be so, we had to go through tough times all alone, and there I learned how to be playful with my pain. Learning lessons to evolve and accept makes my pain worth full to experience.

From a very young age, I felt a sense of anyone’s presence around me but never knew about the spiritual world as my present family in this life none of them are practicing; I was the one who awakened all of a sudden and gave me the visions in my dreams, all started in very young age but being a child, I never took it seriously as nobody told me how important dreams are (

A healed mind and soul never feel a heavy burden of emotions. You become a master of your life and learn to set your boundaries.

You become strong to cease the negative emotions entering your boundaries. An immense connection with your spirit guides supports you on every life path.

Your higher self becomes your helping hand to show you the absolute truth about everyone, including yourself.

Universe unveils the truth of toxic people making you an emotional fool.

It’s you and only you who have the power to turn pain into happiness, strength, and inner courage.

A divinely guided mind, body, and soul have a powerful connection with the Universe, and spirit guides, making you convert pain into playfulness.

A healing journey is pure, calm, peaceful, and a miraculous path toward the divine. Inner guidance from the spirit guides is a powerful tool that can only be achieved with a firm belief and trust in the Universe.

You can achieve anything with a healed mind, soul, and body. A spiritually guided mind can transform your pain into unconditional love, supportive and caring people, a perfect job, and a relaxing lifestyle.

The miracles won’t happen; they are created by feeling a divine connection with the Universe and acknowledging the messages from the spirit guides telling you that they are with you at every step of your painful life.

The spirit guides show that they are always standing with you; never fear anything; be yourself; accept the truth; and follow their guidance to make your pain turn into playfulness.

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  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with physical pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing vortex

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