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Powerful Empaths with Narcissists: Will the Relationship Work?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Opposites attract. But, if we talk about the empath-narcissist relationship, is attraction possible? A toxic narcissist who loves victimizing their partner, causing them anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic disorder. On the other hand, sensitive, sweet, and emotional empaths always care about others and are simply loving personalities.

How is the match possible?

When anyone who suffers from narcissistic personality visits me for therapy for PTSD, I can see the pain in the victim’s eye.

So, how could anyone tolerate narcissists in their personal life? Although, if there is our family, we obviously can’t throw them out saying, “You are a narcissist; go away.” It isn’t pleasant.

Recognizing the signs of narcissistic personality disorder and safely avoiding them is the only easy option one can go for.

But how do empaths entertain or handle narcissists? Do you have an idea about this?

Let’s dive deep and understand how far can a narcissist-empath relationship go and how.

An Awesome Personality of Empaths

Being highly sensitive is a genetic gift only some people will have in this vast crowd; these people are Empaths who care for others’ emotions and understand what others are going through. It’s hard to battle our emotions, and at the same time, we feel others too.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapist

As empathy, my emotions are sacred, and I keep them personal; it makes me understand who I am. I love to sit with these emotions, and sensitivity makes me feel sensual and helps me to embrace feminine energy, but it does all do.

No, we don’t, as we don’t understand what it is and how much it’s a powerful tool for us and can work as a protection shield when you become alpha in your energy. Being Empath, people tend to get confused with co-dependency, which is very much a trauma response. Empath tends to attract narcissists as empathy; we carry light towards darkness, and being a narcissist is fuel to take from an empath.

What are the significant differences between the unhealed and healed versions look like?

Unhealed or Codependent Empath

  • They absorb other people’s feelings while feeling disconnected from their feelings.
  • They feel self-pity and feel responsible for someone else’s feelings.
  • Try to fix or rescue others’ problems as they feel responsible for them without setting boundaries.
  • Try to help or give others a lot, leaving them burned out.
  • They need to learn to receive support and carry all responsibilities themselves.
  • Many empaths developed co-dependency in childhood to cope with chaotic and abusive environments and seek emotional support from outside.
  • They are constant in the battle of unsafe and uncertainty.
  • Self-esteem is at its lowest, attracting narcissists as they provide immense love with masks.

Narcissist cannot live without empathy, as they don’t want to face the reality of their behavior; they need people with their terms and conditions, as they are most in lower energy and feels unsafe. They depend on others with their manipulative nature and keep sucking others’ energies without feeling sorry.

That’s why it’s essential to tap into your power to protect and avoid this kind of people who are constantly pulling your energy and leaving you drained, dry, and dead.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapist Dubai

Healed Empath

  • They can recognize their feelings and needs to separate others’ feelings; with this, they can tune into higher powers.
  • They have set boundaries to protect their energy, and at the same time, they support others without feeling drained or burnt out from their own
  • A healed empath will be independent while acknowledging that they sometimes need support.
  • They understand their sensitivity as their power and can quickly turn it into natural gifts to protect their needs.
  • They are lie detectors that can easily sense the truth behind the mask and have powers connected with the divine source.
  • A healed Empath will give you the benefits of doubts, but once done, they will eventually know how to pull their powers back and cut all the connections unapologetically.
  • They know and can flip manipulation against manipulator.
  • A moment to betray the trust of an empath, you will lose entirely, and they can go into the dark as if you never existed in their life.
  • They forgive easily but will never forget and won’t allow you to reclaim ever again in their life.
  • They are wolves, An Alpha who can sense and see the truth that hides behind the reality.
  • Highly intuitive, can see the reality projected to them, and can find the deeper meaning behind the mask.
  • The Biggest Mistake you can make with healed empaths is to understand that their sensitivity is their weakness. In contrast, their most considerable power for us is, with this sensitivity, A protecting shield against entangling with lower energies.
  • They are highly tuned to nature, a source that shows them signs of synchronicity and constant connection with the universe, which helps them see the reality behind the mask.

If we talk about an empath-narcissist relationship, it can go both ways,

  1. As narcissists lack emotions and are purely selfish, dealing with them is like putting your head in a lion’s mouth. When entering a relationship with a narcissist, empaths can sense their manipulative behavior due to their higher emotional intelligence. Empaths try to comfort the narcissists, but as narcissists are selfish beings, they try to allure empaths with their fake actions of love, money, and care to use empaths as an opportunity. This practice is commonly known as love bombing.
  2. A healed empath who can protect their energy and unlock their powers can try to control a narcissist’s personality, but an empath can never change a narcissist.

So, a healing session is necessary if you are planning to enter into a relationship with a narcissist or already living with one of them.

Sometimes, some crucial people have narcissistic traits, so you can’t escape. In this case, healing your mind, body, and soul from within is necessary.

You can visit Light Angelic and get perfect healing sessions from Prriti Parmaar, an experienced life coach who will help you wash out all the emotional and physical trauma faced while being with a narcissist.

Here are some healing techniques used by Prriti Parmaar during their healing session,

  • Past Life Regression
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with Physical Pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex

So, why to wait? Visit our website and register yourself for an incredible healing session now.

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