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Reason to Season….Be What You Want to Be

Therapy for PTSD

When we are anxious, stressed, or going through post-traumatic stress disorder, the black clouds of memories trap us inside them, and we cannot move forward.

A Reason to feel not worthy enough

In our life, reasons may vary from person to person to grow and evolve in this lifetime; emotional and mental turmoil makes us remain stuck in our present situations. Going through mental or physical trauma, repeating the same scene in mind for years, diverts us from reaching our goals. We live in this lifetime to unfold the treasures and powers we have within us.

We have gone through much mental trauma to emotional and physical abuse. Here are major emotional thought processes we have to go through every day in our life not feeling worthy and keep sabotaging our worth and feeling judged whenever we express our inner demons to our loved ones, constantly battling with ourselves where we are still in the process of knowing our own emotions, fear of losing, and many more.

Being kind to others that we are Giving so much to others that we don’t realize nothing is there with us and holding us back for no reason; we often have everything but something is missing.

Reasons are many, but only we are missing the essence of self-love we buried within us.

We keep on thinking about past traumas, and our childhood wounds get triggered by some or the other reasons; the suppressing anger boils like a volcano within us, and we can’t scream and take a stand for ourselves; all of this becomes a reason for our ceased path of growth.

As we all know, nothing is permanent. So, the Universe guides us toward our healing journey and allows us to eliminate our pains slowly and steadily.

Season to Know Your Worth and Live Your Dreams!

The healing process takes time, but the journey opens the door to spirituality. The divine power pulls us towards them to make them realize what we are and pushes us towards a path where we can see our worth.

The healing journey lets us know what we want to be and nurtures us to grow in the right direction.

A turning point from reason to season is possible with a healed mind, body, and soul.

If the flower is not sprouting, what will we check, and whom will we blame, flower or soil?

We will check soil, environment, water, and light, the most survival necessities for growing plants.

Similarly, if we have to blossom or sprout anything in life, it’s going through so many cracks to enter the light. Seeds can only sprout when it is broken into many layers, and only a stem appears; roots will grow; the season of success and manifestation is a process of when you know your worth, you believe in yourself. In my journey, I have experienced everything, the universe breaking me every day from my old self to building something NEW within me. I am sprouting every day NEW. It’s a painful process but worth full; that’s when I know I am worthy of being loved and successful, and whatever I desire is in my alignment.

With a calm mind and peaceful soul, we can concentrate on new opportunities by the grace of the Universe.

We start connecting with our higher selves, and the inner faith in the divine never lets us go down.

A season of remarkable achievements and living our dreams to the fullest will arrive in the blink of an eye. Our soul knows when we are rebirthing, and shedding old self, wearing NEW clothes, that’s the birthing season of becoming NEW, as a mother knows when her baby is moving and growing inside her womb.

While in the process, old wounds may often layer up, but now, we are connecting through the higher self, so we know it’s no longer will hold us back, you know ‘IT’S NOT ME.”

When the true season comes….


Knowing your true self is the most significant achievement in your life. When we believe in ourselves, the universe will create a desirable season for us. Believe in your worthiness, and understand that it’s your season to rise above like a Phoenix, and that’s what I call a season of being ME as WOMEN.

Through a tranquil mind, body, and soul, our thoughts will be transformed from pessimism to optimism.

We will start taking our awful thoughts for granted and focus on the beautiful world, positive people, and a healthy environment.

Through healing, we become capable and daring enough to segregate our past traumas from our present life and move with the flow.

Moving on from the toxic memories and the people troubling us currently becomes possible through the immense guidance of the Universe.

The universe helps everyone, but connecting with the Universe requires immense belief, faith, and a healed mind, body, and soul.

Our desires, dreams, and goals can be perfectly achieved if we are unconditionally inclined toward our higher self and believe in the divine power of the Universe.

Healing procedures, a spiritual journey, a spiritual awakening, and the power of manifesting take us toward a place with zero pain, lots of playful moments, dreams turning realistic, success touching your feet, and a strong connection with the Universe.

So, if you want to bring such notable changes into your life, then connect with Prriti Parmaar, life coach at Light Angelic, and get the following healing rituals,

  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with physical pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing vortex


So, don’t wait long; transform your reason into the season by connecting with the best life coach and marvelous healer at Light Angelic.

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