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Rise Like a Phoenix- 7 Wonders of Your Inner World – Jealousy

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Jealousy is a negative emotion for most of us, and we hold this emotion within us. It is one of the most painful and frustrating emotions we all have to deal with. The feeling of unfulfilling dissatisfaction within us is the most killing emotion to overcome. The feeling of what you want but you can’t have it is so painful.

There is a reason we are calling jealousy a wonder. Everyone has jealousy within them, but we can’t recognize it until we encounter it. Being jealous is a natural phenomenon, but taking our jealousy towards the right path can be a wonder.

Let’s delve deep and find more comprehensive details on jealousy.

How can Phoenix be a significant part of our Negativity and Traumas? Why are we talking about mythology with Phoenix?

One of my spirit guides is Phoenix, while I was immensely working with my inner demons through healing and spirituality. Very first, he came to show me how to burn my inner negativity and be reborn from the ashes to be powerful. He taught me how we can use our pain as our power

In every phase of Era in this world from ancient times till now, the phoenix played his part very significantly in every incarnation and change in both the world (Earth – World and Spiritual Realm. To transform, we need to burn something or leave it behind to form a new world around us, either energetically or physically.

The phoenix spirit animal symbolizes hope, power, rebirth, and transformation as it rises from the ashes of fire. The phoenix also has associations with several different symbols. All of these symbols represent distinct aspects of this mythical bird.

With Seven Wonders today, we are digging deep about one more – JEALOSY.

What is Jealousy?

As physic jealousy starts when one starts comparing their life with others, the most giant and powerful demon is comparison to allow this demon to stay rent-free in our mind, body, and soul.

Jealousy works as a wonder as it can make your trigger points, negative beliefs, fears, and insecurities. When experiencing jealousy, we can dive deep into our thoughts and feelings and ask the reason for jealousy with ourselves.

We can adequately see our inner world through our increased self-awareness arising from jealousy, and it helps us to know ourselves better.

The feeling of jealousy can become a wonder by asking yourself about your genuine desires. If you are jealous of somebody, it might be the reason for your half-met desires. Think about it, and analyze if you want your desire to be fulfilled, and rather than feel jealous, move towards meeting that desire.

But have you ever thought of treating jealousy as a wonder?

Why do I call these Wonders?

We all come with these wonders of the negative feelings that are rooted a long way back from many incarnations, for wonders as I had never experienced before what life looks like without negative belief and what wonders we can create once we overcome these emotions. Every demon craves light to destroy and can rule on us with power; this is where your spirit guides, higher self, and subconscious mind do wonders to make life flawless and smooth. Desires attract effortlessly once we work on our limiting subconscious belief system and align with our truth and authentic self – WHO WE ARE?

What emotions are masked behind Jealousy?

Your limiting belief system drags you back and builds up a feeling of jealousy within you. Think deep and establish confidence within yourself to achieve your dreams, create healthy boundaries around you, and make your belief system unlimited.

An envious spirit won’t let come the place of trust and faith (the most desirable and purest energy to be with); this evil spirit will try to divert your mind to take shortcuts to become successful. No matter what, we all get jealous of material things or the Spiritual world and what we have in our lives; there is a saying, “Grass looks Greener on the other side.” hence, we forget to look within what we are holding and forget to be grateful what.

Core Negative beliefs and emotions that we keep repeating in our mind

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Sadness is your best friend
  • Lack mindset
  • Missing Childhood
  • I am not enough
  • Hopelessness
  • Never been provided enough
  • I don’t have money
  • I can’t afford
  • I am poor
  • I don’t deserve
  • I hate myself
  • Rich are rich, poor are poor
  • Aggression
  • Anger

True acceptance of what we have and being grateful create a vast energy field in our surroundings, dropping the baggage of old selves, which makes your path to building a new reality of abundance and prosperity.

Self-affirmation/New patterns to develop to attract abundance

  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Confidence
  • I am enough
  • I deserve to be rich
  • I have enough money
  • I feel safe within myself
  • Grateful for what I have
  • This is not my priority right now; I will buy it later
  • I love Excitement
  • I am Free

Everyone has their purpose and calling to find and walk on a particular path in their life and achieve success. Comparison creates a trap into duality and makes us focused on another person’s success, and we never grow with comparison and jealous energy within ourselves. It’s about planting seeds with passion, commitment, hard work, consistency, the mindset of never giving up, and having faith in the universe that will serve you what you desire if you are true to yourself.

Self-love and faith is the biggest key to turning jealousy into a wonder. Jealousy is, in fact, a wonder that takes us toward a spiritual path where we can know ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally, and know our true inner desires and work on them dedicatedly to rise high like a Phoenix.

Once we understand anything is happening to us …. For us, it automatically upgrades to attract what we desire, and the universe will play a vital role in delivering at your doorstep… ….. And that’s true.

Working with a spiritual coach for jealousy can be a powerful tool in finding healing and inner peace. A spiritual coach can help you understand the root cause of your jealousy, practice mindfulness, let go of attachments, develop self-compassion, focus on gratitude, and build healthy relationships.

Individuals visit anxiety therapists in Dubai and ask about their anxiety issues. But do they ever think that the problem lies in their inner world?

Jealousy is the only cause of your anxiety that gulps you from within, but you don’t know how to convert that negative emotion or feeling into a wonder.

There are seven wonders to overcome in this lifetime, including

What Chakra is Jealousy Related to?

Every emotion or feeling, whether positive or negative, arises due to the energy points in our body, known as Chakras. One of the seven chakras is the heart chakra in the middle of the chest. The feeling of jealousy is related to the heart chakra.

One who is always in comparison, self-pity, lacks mindset, codependency, doubtful nature, their Heart Chakra is stored with traumatized events, unworthiness, and never having been loved enough from childhood. The fourth chakra in our body works the best if it’s balanced or healed. An unblocked heart chakra offers us self-love, inner peace, emotional balance, and compassion. But if the heart chakra is blocked and unhealed, it can create feelings of jealousy, detachment, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, and much more.

So, a feeling of jealousy is the blocked heart chakra that needs to be healed to let you stop limiting yourself, come out of the jealousy zone, feel connected to yourself, become self-aware, create healthy boundaries around you, reduce a sense of fear, and come out of anxiety and depression.

With a healed heart chakra, you can experience a transformation in your thinking, and accepting the truth becomes easier for you. With a happy inner world, you will be able to celebrate other’s happiness and start feeling satisfied with your success and achievements rather than being jealous of others.

Some healing techniques help us to heal our heart chakra that include,

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Feel gratitude
  • Perform a love-kindness meditation regularly
  • Go for yoga exercises
  • Sound healing
  • Reiki healing and many other techniques, like guided meditation by the best mind-healing consultant at Light Angelic, may help you make jealousy a wonder.

Which Crystal is the Best to Heal the Feeling of Jealousy?

Crystals can become a guiding light to free yourself from jealousy’s negative emotions. But remember, if you believe in yourself and the universal powers, then a crystal or a crystal healing works best for you. Without a true belief, the Universe has nothing for you.

Let’s check the crystals that work effectively to overcome the feeling of jealousy within us.

  • Peridot- Best for rebalancing Heart Chakra and reducing stress, jealousy, and negative patterns.
  • Chrysoprase- A famous stone that blesses an individual with trust and helps reduce a sense of jealousy.
  • Rose Quartz- The beautiful crystal with pink hues represents unconditional love, healing, and forgiveness; it is best to fight jealousy within you.
  • Black Obsidian- The best crystal to combat jealousy and block psychic attacks.
  • Green Apatite- The crystal is connected with the Heart Chakra and offers abundance and emotional well-being.
  • Amethyst- Offers protection, reduces stress, and promotes wisdom.


If it is severe, we must go through the Subconscious mind to understand the cause and repair from the roots (belief system). This can be healed through our RTT – Rapid transformation therapy, which helps us get into the REM stage or Alpha stage to understand those beliefs and helps us to let go of the negative traumas—It is 90 minutes a session, worth understanding our pain from parents and unfortunate events happened in our childhood, past life, karmic cycle, money blocks and many more. It’s the easiest and safest way to regress those emotions and feelings from our system.


So, going for a Reiki or sound healing session will showcase the best results. If you are feeling the negative feeling of jealousy or if you are encountering jealous people around you, connect with Prriti Parmaar, the best life coach at Light Angelic, and create a peaceful environment free from envy, and head towards a path of success and rise like a Pheonix.

The healing techniques offered by Prriti Parmaar are as follows,

  • Past Life Regression
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with Physical Pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Anxiety and Depression therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex
  • Yoga

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