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Rise Like a Phoenix- 7 Wonders of Your Inner World- Ego

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What does the Bhagavad Gita Say about Ego?

यदहङ्कारमाश्रित्य न योत्स्य इति मन्यसे |
मिथ्यैष व्यवसायस्ते प्रकृतिस्त्वां नियोक्ष्यति || 59||

yad ahankāram āśhritya na yotsya iti manyase
mithyaiṣha vyavasāyas te prakṛitis tvāṁ niyokṣhyati

yat—if; ahankāram—motivated by pride; āśhritya—taking shelter; na yotsye—I shall not fight; iti—thus; manyase—you think; mithyā eṣhaḥ—this is all false; vyavasāyaḥ—determination; te—your; prakṛitiḥ—nature; tvām—you; niyokṣhyati—will engage

BG 18.59: If, motivated by pride, you think, “I shall not fight,” your decision will be in vain. Your nature will compel you to fight.

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The Bhagavad Gita says that ego is the root cause of all suffering. It is the sense of separation from the Self, the divine being within us. When we are attached to our ego, we identify with our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and we see ourselves as separate from others and the world around us.

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “Our ego is the reason for all traumas, dilemmas, and confusion created by the human mind. Karma is all about our conditioning taken from many births on Earth; hence, it becomes our pattern or consciousness to live the way it is.

Every behavior and thought creates Karma for oneself.

We have talked about anger in the previous blog. Today,

Why do I call these Wonders?

We all come with these wonders of negative feelings, which are rooted a long way back from many incarnations that turn into rage and hatred; during spiritual being, it’s the first and most important to overcome these wonderers to feel love and blissfulness.

The seven wonders to overcome in this lifetime are

We will discuss our 2nd wonder or negative feeling called EGO.

The ego is the first instinct we develop in the human body from the time we are born; the material body and mind are temporary till their existence is there on this earth, but a soul is eternal. A soul in the human body has no limit or boundaries; it’s just spiritual energy. If we think we are controlled by mind and body, this is a false ego and just being as a soul; I am eternal, I am conscious, the universe is within me, God resides within me; the attitude of ego falls itself by knowing the consciousness of the universe and divine source.

Mind and body are Soul just come down to share Unconditional love without expecting anything from anyone. A soul is just known as being in a state of being without getting into any human trap of “I, ME, AND MYSELF.”

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So, what is the spiritual reason for being egoistic, where does it come from, and how does it heal and lead us to great success?

The soul knows what’s the purpose of this life to complete, but with conscious knowing of who is the creator and destroyer, that’s what we came here to experience. But as the human body develops, we forget the fundamental lessons to learn and get into the trap of EGO of I AM DOER, to prove, validate, and approve your innermost shadow to be satisfied with the fake reality of being in survival mode.

Once a person experiences Ego death, they are reborn to experience unconditional love, the divine connection, and to other realms, which creates high-frequency energy to evolve and helps human consciousness. We all have the powerful energy to experience different dimensional realms staying here in this 3rd-dimensional world. We came here to raise and work together to evolve, get free from all karmas, and finish the work in this 3rd dimension realm called Earth.

“People can’t help other people if they have too many of their problems. They can’t do what’s right for the planet if they can’t do what’s right for themselves.” – Dolores Cannon.

The process to surrender first is Ego Death, and building a solid connection with oneself with awareness is our ultimate goal with higher consciousness. The healing process of deep diving within the self to experience Ego death leads to grief, a sudden death within self, numbness, isolation, and ultimately, to know “WHO I AM.” The more we are aware, the closer we are to the divine source, the more we are light, more we are with unconditional love. The ego can destroy your physical mechanism and inner power to believe in yourself. The Ego makes us believe we are the doer and no one is better than us. The ego rules our physical, mental, and emotional body, and the spiritual ego may develop as you rise above.

This is where again you rise above as a phoenix, reborn from ashes.

We are incarnated every time we finish our lessons.

We have three levels of consciousness comprising three states: the Subconscious, the Conscious, and the superconscious; each level gets into awareness with different intensities.

Soul Consciousness is to become one with eternal and see everything and everyone through the lens of the Divine Source. In bad times and challenging phases of life, without getting into the dark shadow of conditions, they deal with purity, peace, love, and bliss. With awareness, any problematic situation becomes like water flowing in the stream.

The soul doesn’t recognize EGO as the soul experiences vast cosmic energy and nothing else. The Human Body develops an EGO as it takes everything doing is only the Body is performing. As we all know, the ego is our biggest enemy in any relationship, from the material to the spiritual world. To manifest anything in our life, it should be with unconditional love and awareness that the divine source is the doer. Any area of our life ruled by ego concludes with a devastating end.

The ego works as a wonder as it takes us directly or indirectly toward our healing journey; the soul knows to soften self with awareness and knowing that time is timeless, same as the soul is infinity, so to learn the lessons and finish the karmic debt, there is no bound or limit to experience the source within self once healed it’s forever healing many past live, ancestors, future generation and healing family tree.

Egoistic individuals are self-centered; they love talking about themselves, and they continuously seek attention and discard the feelings and opinions of other people. After letting an individual destroy everything and delve deeper into pain, anxiety, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Which Chakra is related to Ego?

The ego in a person is due to the imbalance in the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra.


The Manipura chakra is located at the Solar plexus between the navel and the bottom of the rib cage; ego, anger, and aggression are stored in the solar plexus.

Yes, it is a wonder, as the ego is neutral initially. But it develops overly when we gain an approval-seeking behavior.

The primary reason for developing a sense of ego in an individual is the inner wounds that are not healed properly.

Inner wounds are carried forward and lead to significant issues in our lives, and the problem is we are often unaware of the same.

With childhood traumas of experiencing failures from schooling to scoring high grades, the pressure of building society and family expectations makes a child competitive. It affects the nervous system if facing failure. We have been taught to work hard from childhood; this belief makes us believe in achieving anything we need to work hard,

Continuously getting high grades to prove and validate creates EGO, and here, it starts developing a karmic cycle and specific patterns to win the race.

If they fail, the child can’t accept the truth as they have always gained great compliments, and now they cannot accept the rejection or failures. Validation-seeking behavior starts wounding a child from within.

The validation-seeking behavior becomes a child’s habit, which may lead to being trapped in the web of manipulation by others, creating unhealthy boundaries and struggles all over life.

Adults facing rejection or encountering failure start feeling irritated, aggressive, and sometimes depressed, leading them toward downfall.

Overall, all this is the reason for an imbalance in the Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra, located in the center of the abdomen above the navel where the lower ribs meet.

With different healing procedures like Reiki, meditation, and yoga postures, it’s easy to heal Manipura Chakra.

Anyone can join our 21-day Reiki workshop.

A positive ego free from false beliefs and “I” and “me” can let you Rise like a Phoenix.

Through Manipura chakra balancing, we can eliminate a sense of selfishness and arrogance that comes out of ego.

With proper healing, we can use our ego as our power to win the world. With a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra, we can set healthy boundaries around us that help us avoid being manipulated or used by others. The approval-seeking behavior diminishes over time as we start believing in ourselves, and then we can say that ego works as a wonder for us.

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Which Crystal is the Best to Heal Ego?

As we have understood that Solar Plexus Chakra is related to our ego, the crystal a perfect life coach or mind healing consultant uses is associated with the same chakra.

So, crystal healing can work fruitfully to balance Solar Plexus Chakra and develop a sense of positive ego in ourselves by discarding the ego, taking us towards failures.

  • Citrine – helps to clear out all forms of negativity, build self-worth and confidence
  • Pyrite – helps to be in the present, works on self-esteem
  • Libyan Desert Glass – aligns you with soul lessons and restores willpower
  • Tiger’s Eye – helps in manifesting success and wealth, clarity of thought
  • Bumble bee Jasper – connect with divine source
  • Silver Sheen Obsidian – helps in making crystal clear major life decisions

So, these crystals are excellent with jewelry or can be placed on the Altar. With its calming energy, crystal healing energy helps to overcome and calm our nervous system’s auric field, develops communications with our physic and higher self, and clears the space from our negative emotions that lead to anger/rage, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


If it is severe, we must go through the Subconscious mind to understand the cause and repair from the roots (belief system). This can be healed through our RTT – Rapid transformation therapy, which helps us get into the REM stage or Alpha stage to understand those beliefs and helps us to let go of the negative traumas—It is 90 minutes a session, worth understanding our pain from parents and unfortunate events happened in our childhood, past life, karmic cycle, money blocks and many more. It’s the most accessible and safest way to regress those emotions and feelings from our system.

Once healed and when we are with awareness of the Divine Source

  • We, as conscious beings, interact with people without having any judgment, resentment, anger, or hurt
  • With divine Light, every priority of our life works smoothly as we are at ease with self, we are comfortable in our skin,
  • Experience unconditional love within self
  • We feel empowerment within us
  • Any failures don’t affect our inner world; acceptance and surrender become easy.
  • Our physics and intuition increased with divine sources and became sharp and accurate with practice.
  • Everything starts happening with the right intention and is highly protected with spirit guides as the universe works for you
  • Have a more meaningful life and feel like serving mankind
  • Becomes more emphatic

Being in a spiritual and healing process, we all know within ourselves energetically Chakras that make us feel safe and creative.

The best anxiety therapists in Dubai use Citrine during guided meditation or crystal healing by placing it on the solar plexus area to clear the blockages and promote a healthier ego by fostering self-awareness and confidence.


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  • Chakra Balancing
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  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with Physical Pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Anxiety and Depression therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex

Don’t wait long; avail yourself of the best crystal healing and chakra balancing to promote an optimistic ego to rise like a Phoenix. So, visit Light Angelic now.

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