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What does Life Looks Like Without Pain?

Therapy for PTSD Dubai

Pain itself is a journey where we accumulated layers by layers, year by year, which become heavy after a certain period. When we are not able to carry our pain, which weighs us down, puts us down, tumbles us down, with all these we are not able to see what life can look like without pain, maybe as imaginary, we wish to have that life like others are having but we don’t have the vision to see, it’s become mind fog, everything looks foggy and hazy.

Till when you are not healed, you only attract pessimistic, demotivating, and sadist personalities. But after your rebirth after a successful healing process, you start attracting the optimistic, motivating, enthusiastic, and cherishing people who will support you, they understand your language as they know you from many lives. I believe these are our soul tribe, soul mates who are here guides for us and vice versa.

Overcoming all the traumas, stress, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder in Dubai, we get a drive to achieve something. You start enjoying every moment of your existence.

Life is a beautiful treasure from which you can get ample things that provide you with happiness, joy, and pleasure. You can live life as you want, as you dreamt about.

This level of enthusiasm and happiness can only be achieved when you are healed and can listen to the voice of your inner self.

After healing from the roots, you can come out of the pain, sadness, and depression that came from the trauma you faced. You can overcome those conditioned filters which you were wearing from society, family ties, friends, and many more.

We become what we are by clearing our old selves and entering into a different mindset, with the same body. This is a positive mindset filled the cherishing thoughts with connecting to your higher self as you know your worth now.

As we all know, every coin has two sides, but when we are suffering from depression, or in pain, then we only focus on one side. There is always a solution to a problem.

A sense of victimhood is gone forever, once you start getting connected with your higher self, moving in line with your true sense, and start believing in yourself, you learn to understand the inner child and become a parent to protect. Understanding pain is the most powerful tool for us.

With effective healing, we can see both sides of a coin. There will be no room for doubts or confusion in our lives and this will result in making us take worthy decisions. In my healing I have owned my Wings, sharing a few with you …..

I have my Wings

  • Once you begin your healing journey, a process of inner rejuvenation starts. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • You start looking world differently, as you start detoxicating your mind and body,
  • Automatically old skin starts fading out, and old patterns will be no longer needed as you reframe yourself with a new script.
  • You will start understanding what needs to be done for your highest good and what needs to eliminate to feed yourself best (mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).
  • You will start learning new boundaries to create the safest place for your inner world.
  • You will learn your lessons so they won’t repeat.
  • You will love yourself enough as you are comfortable within yourself and no longer are old triggers hitting you back.
  • You learn to let go of old beliefs.
  • You learn to forgive people easily as now it’s the no longer old self you are.
  • Nothing is holding you back as you are confident enough
  • You learn to say NO, which is not aligned with your highest best
  • You become unstoppable, unbreakable towards your goal as you overcome your past traumas.
    After overcoming your fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, and not feeling safe enough, you start enjoying life to the fullest, you feel blissful and whole within yourself and the universe starts working with your alignment to guide you and help you to protect.

Once you start trusting and aligning with yourself it becomes so easy to get messages from your inner self and be inclined more spiritually to find a new path. Inner healing lets us understand that crying, sobbing, or cribbing results in nothing. We become enough confident to fight against our battles, we learn from our inner demons and we understand how powerful we are to stand alone to have the courage to be firmed against any abusive, unfair games thrown by the outside world. We can make our life with new sets of goals to achieve with different visions without pain.

Be it relationships, career, or any other part of your life, the healing journey will take you to greater heights, and will allow you to blossom like beautiful flowers. Whether it’s the goal to set new boundaries or to touch the sky, limiting belief will no longer hold you back.

Life without pain becomes your new life where you believe with confidence as every imprint, every impression, every thought, every idea, every belief, and feeling or memory which was holding you back no longer exists in your body, every cell is new, every molecule in your body is new that unconditional love. Depending on others will be not an option anymore. After getting connected with your higher self. True inner peace with self-acceptance comes with dignity and life. YOU BECOME THE YOU WHICH YOU LOST IN ALL THOSE PAINS.

Listen to your inner voice that is full of peace, and happiness, and build your destiny on your own. This is what the magic of healing is.

So, for reaching this stage of your life, you must connect with Light Angelic. The experienced life coach will help you get ample healing by washing away all your negative thoughts and transforming you from the inside.

Remember, with healing, failure can become a success. Take a step ahead, and feel the power of healing.

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