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A True Woman….Embracing Your Femininity

Happiness after coming out of the feeling of victimhood and inclining yourself toward self-love are the characteristics of a healed woman.

A mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, or a daughter-in-law, stands for every relationship in her life. Healing is a process that makes a woman independent and courageous Soul.

A scar, a wound that makes her more divine as she embraces the beauty of those broken pieces, She knows how to nourish her soul with a divine source, she is divine, she is beautiful, and she has all the powers hidden within her.

Through my Healing and transformation and especially the transit period, what I learned and overcome about true feminine energy is just to embrace and love yourself.

Whoever is going through this journey can resonate with what it looks like and what it feels like ……..we might feel and experience the chaos, confusing and frustrating gap between the infinite possibilities of our life and what we have come this far to manifest in our outer reality.

Only she forgets her power with the conditioning of society and forgets her true beings, After visiting the best anxiety therapist near me, she develops the courage of standing up for herself.

No need for it, as the perfect coach of Light Angelic, helps every woman transform into a true woman to embrace her femininity.

What it looks like after the healing Journey …..

A woman’s true power and value are her intuition, her wisdom, her womb, and her ability to create.

True awakening women won’t see the world and society how it is for ages, but they will define their true power to embrace femininity and help others to shape their future.

Much like other awakened women, we all may feel overwhelmed by our true calling and uncertain about the steps we need to take to realize our full potential so we can play that vital role.

Staying strong, and taking a stand for herself is never a selfish thing. Watching life from a positive perspective, and pampering herself with self-love, and care makes her more beautiful.

After healing, she can manifest what she desires. Connecting with her higher self after overcoming all fears of society, the trap of boundaries, a valley of negative thoughts, mental or physical abuse, and torture faced by her, is what a healed woman is blessed with.

  • She wears confidence and embraces her thrown with those wounds as she knows her worth.
  • Finding herself over-giving and over-doing, feeling frequently overwhelmed by others demands hands on her. Despite all this, she learned how to build healthy boundaries and best efforts to create a balanced life.
  • Looking for deeper and more authentic connections with others despite many years of working to improve your relationships.
  • Aware of an intimate partner who matches your passion for life and is your equal in every way—someone who shares your values and vision to create a better world.
  • Despite having good friends in your life, we know our path and respect being alone to create more blessings with the divine source.
  • Feel pulled to express your gifts and talents, your deeper potential in ways that will make a difference and can help many people.
  • Feel called to embark on a new endeavor or job, but is unsure of how it will appear or how you will sustain yourself while you do it.
  • Feel excited when you break through old patterns at the moment, yet disheartened and confused when you get knocked back into old patterns.
  • Learn to say NO, as it doesn’t serve our highest best.
  • Feels overwhelmed with world affairs.
  • Experience Synchronicity with the Universe and spirit guides.
  • Feel the presence of Spirit guides and Spirit Animals.

The good news is that you are not alone if you are going through any of these things or pining for something. This is how most awakened women are feeling.

She is no more stuck in those thoughts of traumatic events and comes out of any issues like anxiety, stress, or post-traumatic stress disorder Dubai. The inner child is safe within her womb, being protected by the universe, spirit guides, and higher sources and higher dimensions.

This is certainly my own experience before I discovered how to access Feminine Power within myself and help many women to find themselves to become Powerful and embrace their femininity.

When she is in her divine feminine, she is so powerful that she could literally sit on her throne and just attract anything she wants. Just sheerly with her energy and her inner power.

Thousands of years back our divine feminine were powerful talking about Goddesses like Kali, Durga, and many influencer women who ruled this world with their inner courage.

Why is it that—despite all our accomplishments in professional and personal life still we haven’t been able to access the power we need to thrive in life?

Most of us are so conditioned by society to have marriage, kids, and education but does this really help at the soul level, NO still we all are longing to thrive for something and feel a void, that’s deeper than anything that we are experiencing.

Awakened and healing women will live with the fullness of our potential for love, creative self-expression, and great contribution because we overcome all those old beliefs of unworthiness, and don’t have enough resources, including money, time, help, education, or information.

The majority of us have spent years improving ourselves to have more fulfilling relationships, develop a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and achieve important life goals. And even if we’ve achieved gradual advancement over the years, we still yearn for something greater.

She believes in herself with a proper healing process and understands her true value. She is a creator herself.

Having faith in herself, a woman overcomes all obstacles thrown by the world and has a true inner sense of being. She now embraces failure as a blessing to achieve whatever she wants. Now she doesn’t chase, she attracts ……infinity.

So, to become a woman like this, and uplift you in getting out of all fears, turmoil, sadness, and pain, just connect with Prriti Parmaar, our life healing coach at Light Angelic, and start knowing and loving yourself.

The mind-healing consultant from Light Angelic offers you some marvelous healing techniques, please have a look below,

  • Subconscious mind healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Essential Oils
  • Walking, Jogging
  • Yoga Meditation
  • Breathing Work, and many other alluring healing techniques.

So, do not forget to visit Prriti Parmaar, your life coach to help you complete your best healing journey and let you embrace your femininity with happiness and joy.

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