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Cutting Cords Energetically and Why It’s Important

We all connect with millions of people every day. It’s not just a physical interaction but an energy exchange between individuals. Why do we drain our energy at the end of the day? Have you ever thought deeply about it?

Energy is the currency of the mind, body, and soul. We feel energized by those who lift us and are drained by those who are not with universal light. If aligned with the source, you are the energy ball of light with magnetic charisma. People love to sit with you and share their experiences with open hearts. But with this, we need to protect our energy, too, so we should always fill our cups and feel fulfilled rather than drained.

The feelings are distinct every day, but whatever the energy we connect with, cleaning is quite essential at the end of the day. To fill energy and call back our powers energetically, we need daily practice to clean our energy and cut cords to pull back our abilities from negativity, drained energy, darkness, attachment, and many more and create healthy energy boundaries.

We all go with these as we all interact with numerous people socially. It’s fragile and sensitive to catch up with others’ emotional turmoil if you don’t have a healthy and hygienic energy clearing. Humans are energy and created with atoms, molecules, and cells. We all have individual auras where people are damaged by negativity and develop holes. You automatically feel heavy within yourself as you carry their energy in you.

Every emotion is stored in our body knowingly or unknowingly. As hectic life and being human, we don’t understand the energies thrown at us with curses or blessings, and hence we carry everything within us without understanding where it belongs. That’s why connecting with your higher self and protecting yourself from those vampires’ energy is essential.

Let’s explore the blog and learn some interesting facts about the practice.

Let Go of what Doesn’t Serve You

Being on a spiritual journey for a long time, I learned to protect my energy by doing rituals and spiritual cleaning. Places like clubs, hotels rooms, crowded places, public places or any events, it’s all mixed energy of dark light and which makes us blur or drained after sometimes . to get instant gratification or happiness often we forget the long-term result in which people often fall in depression, anxiety, addictions, and phobia.

Many of my clients come to cut the cord as they don’t know why they feel uncomfortable without going through significant turmoil, any loss, or any bad things happening in their life. It’s all about how you think that will manifest in your life; that’s why it’s essential to cut the cords and pull your power back after feeling drained or lost.

Cutting lines energetically supports regaining calm and peaceful strength within us. Especially for people who go through a separation, divorce, shifting home or office, loss of a job, or starting a new venture, it’s all about starting fresh. Once we clean those energies, we create space for new ones—inviting new energy into our life.

The most potent and significant energy is what we use wisely as a body and Money currency to generate more blessings, not curses. Any wows, promises, or contracts we sign or make itself is creating the energy of alignment, so be careful with whom you are creating the new path; I being on this journey, I never make any promises or wows to strangers as it will hold in my space energetically and creating more vibration which may no longer be needed to me individually, I believe on alignment, if it’s aligned with my energy, it will happen automatically otherwise its massive karmic creation we are making without understanding the reality of it.

The fact is that energy is a significant aspect of us. Individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc., are connected with the energies holding them back.

People need more time to move on as emotionally and energetically; everything, every memory of the past, is holding them back; it’s draining them daily. The burden of past experiences, childhood wounds, and neglected inner child, which causes them heavy, awful energies, feels dirty.

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The decluttering of energy is required for everyone. The aura is like a rainbow; energetically

created around our body,  it may get wounded by the dark energies influencing our powerful aura.

For say, a healthy relationship between a couple brings a sense of happiness and a positive aura to the home they reside.

In toxic relationships, the aura is surrounded by negative emotions, dreadful feelings, and a connection disconnect. So, during this situation, the radiated energy doesn’t make you feel relaxed.

Even after throwing away the burden of an unhealthy relationship, the wound stays within us, smashing our soul into smithereens and draining all our energy, making us feel low.

Letting go of past thoughts and present disturbances is possible if we accept the truth and try to clean our souls.

Until we have an unhealthy cording, the problems remain the same. Cleaning the cords and cutting all the harmful lines energetically will work best. Practicing cord-cutting rituals manages the upheavals going on within you. The depleted energy levels increase; individuals can make significant decisions in life by letting go of anxiety and depression.

An increase in immunity and no more unexplained sadness are some of the fruitful things that can occur after going through cord-cutting practices.

A healing professional helps a sufferer go through some worthy practices of cord-cutting; let’s check a few rules in brief,

  • Taking salt baths helps clean out unhealthy energy and brings a balanced state to a person.
  • Smudging is another ritual practiced with smoke with Santo or Sage; it helps clean the room’s aura and cleanse energy.
  • Journaling is a perfect practice of cord cutting, in which a person writes down everything which weighs them down emotionally and energetically.
  • A visualization practice is another crucial ritual where an individual needs to visualize to cut the cord with the scissors to feel connected with the divine and heal themselves from a deeper level.
  • Getting Reiki Cleansing from the practitioner helps release all toxic emotions.
  • Big release or cleansing day is the New moon; heavy burdens and dark energies help to release which practitioner to guide you
  • Call upon a Spiritual healer or Energy healer by Prriti Parmaar, which helps to clean aura and energy cord cutting with her special rituals


If you are feeling stuck, and awful thoughts are surrounding you, holding you back, and ceasing you from moving forward, then retain your powerful aura by connecting with Prriti Parmaar, Light Angelic, your life coach helping you with an incredible technique of healing,

  • Essential Oils
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Energetic Meditation
  • Crystal Healing
  • Candles Cord Cutting
  • Quantum Field Cord Cutting
  • Karmic Partners Cord Cutting, etc.


So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Light Angelic, and try to let go of the things that hold you back through proper cord-cutting techniques.

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