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Father’s Wounds: How Deep It Can Harm the Next Generations

A child needs both parents in their childhood. But what happens when one of them is absent? You might have heard of people visiting anxiety therapists in Dubai due to their anxiety due to their father’s wounds.

Yes, father wounds can become a cause of many problems. So, what are the father’s wounds?

Father’s wounds are the absenteeism of a father or an abusive, dominating, or who carries negative characteristics that adversely affect the emotional and mental well-being of the children.

In the growing age, what children see, they become. An unsupportive behavior of any of the parents can discard the fruitful growth of the children.

After reaching a younger age, searching for therapy for PTSD becomes common for a victim of a father’s wounds.

What a father has suffered in his younger age becomes a pattern when he becomes young and is forwarded to the next generations as heritage.

Do you know that there are masculine and feminine characteristics in both men and women, but due to the lack of balance, generations suffer

We are mainly talking about father’s wounds in this blog, but there are mother’s wounds that are passed from mother to child and make the child suffer from the same trauma as in father’s wounds.

So, a balance must always be there between the two to offer our next generations a stress-free tomorrow.

Let’s see what damage Father’s Wounds cause to the next generations.

Transgenerational transmission of fatherly trauma

Father’s Wounds Can Cause So Many Wounds!

A life without a father or with a ruthless father who constantly criticizes and behaves rudely with his children is almost the same.

A child who is always demotivated and cursed by his father showcases the same characteristics when he becomes young and behaves the same way as his father.

So, the children victimized directly or indirectly by their father’s behavior get damaged from within. Let’s explore the issues faced by the victims of father’s wounds.

  • Anxiety and Depression

Every child needs and deserves the full support of both parents and unconditional love. However, due to the lack of love and happiness in childhood, children usually become depressed when they grow up.

The children are surrounded by anxiety, which slowly and steadily turns into anger and violent behavior, which is quite unhealthy.

  • Set Strict Boundaries

The children deprived of support, love, and happiness in their childhood carry low self-esteem, hide behind the four walls of their home, and create rigid boundaries around them.

A fear of facing the society follows the introverted behavior. Children who are usually controlled limitlessly face the issues of low confidence and introverted behaviors.

  • Failed or Unsuccessful Relationships

A cruel father can be a sadist husband, and a careless wife can be an irresponsible mother. So, it passes from generation to generation.

If the child has encountered separation from his parents in childhood, the bits and pieces of the incident remain in the child’s mind and make him the same person as his father. So, an unsuccessful relationship is the result of the father’s wounds carrying forward from the past.

Coping with paternal emotional baggage

  • Generational Curses

The curse of being alone, unsuccessful marriage, sudden loss of business and career, inability to manifest, severe and constant health problems, sudden deaths, young deaths in family, suicides, poverty, constant money loss, family separations, and many more which we can’t see from our conscious mind but from soul level we have come on this planet many lifetimes and been choosing same soul families to learn and unlearn.

One of the biggest things that influence our present is from our past, and curses pass over generations within the families due to jealousy, failure, egos, betrayals, and hurtful events done in past lives. We as individuals choose our sufferings and learning before we come on earth; it’s only to evolve and spread light and make our soul family accessible.

Certain people in the families are chosen once and choose the path of spirituality to be free and become one with divine light; these people are healers, light workers, and spiritual beings who can see the naked truth of the souls and help them to be free from these curses, vows and align them with the soul’s purpose.


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
Michael Altshuler

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