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Feeling Unimportant: How Does Childhood Trauma can make you Feel Unworthy?

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Our most treasured memories are from our childhood, they can be good or bad, but we store everything in our system. What we are in the present is an imprint of what we have absorbed from our surroundings. As we, in human physical form, 0 – 7 years are where our imprints and learning are built, which families and society have conditioned. Toddlers 0-7 years are susceptible because they don’t remember why they have come here in this world, so take all habits, patterns, and behaviors from the first communication from parents, siblings, and families.

Do we even realize we take many things from our ancestors and families? We match someone’s nose, eyes, and even skin color from our family members, so why we cannot take their habits and negative patterns, curses, vows, imprints, any idea any, impressions, thoughts, feelings, and memories from them which is giving you negative impact and holding you back.

Why do we need to store and keep it as its treasure to us?

If I say any negative beliefs we carry at one point, it protects us because we never knew or learned what the other side will look like. We are familiar with pain so much that we start believing it’s protecting us and making us feel safe.

Even as we are today, we carry all memories, negative impressions, and emotions from our mother’s womb and even from past lives (check our blog on past life)

Let’s dig deeper into the cellular level in this blog.

Is the reason I am not important or not worthy enough can make your present life miserable or just a speedy lifestyle where we cannot cope with the outer world?
Are we still in our mother’s womb and comfy to be there and don’t want to explore and have the courage to explore our inner demons?

It’s sometimes difficult to recognize the past life connection, but a belief in the Universe, and the perfect assistance of the best anxiety therapist in Dubai, works the best.

Case Study

Recently I met one lady who contacted me to get some spiritual aspects of life. We met in a coffee shop and had a beautiful conversation about life and healing modalities; she came up with the issue of many things that significantly impacted her life; before the main session, we had 3 hours discussion over so many matters and issues.

Get her into an alpha state and dig deeper to get into a trance state with guided meditation; the journey starts here.

Scene 1

Please tell me what you are seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

She was 13 years old, all alone at home, listening to music and enjoying that moment, while listening to old songs, she felt to be famous like others with this emotion, she felt she was not worthy enough, because of her shyness in nature, she was unable to talk much about her dreams to her parents. With this, she felt alone and insecure, not smart enough, not visible, and unnecessary.

Our teens, especially 13 – 14 years, it’s a significant age for our deepest desires and passion to create our dream life. We start developing our life as we want; it’s the age of making a web like a spider creates, dream goals, a passion for being something, and a passion for achieving.

Scene 2

She was 7 years old, home alone with no lights; her mom left for prayers keeping her toddler all alone where she felt unimportant for being her child; how a mother can do such a thing, she was very depressed at that tender age, heartbroken, disappointed unworthy, hurt, here pain was stored I her throat, was feeling the pain throat while in session.

We spoke to the pain and the belief; an unspoken inner voice was saying – DON’T GIVE FALSE PROMISES TO CHILD WHO BELIEVES YOU, why she did love me.

A conversation with Hurter – the most significant part of healing if the wounds are from childhood.

Being therapists, we made her play the role of the mother – after so many years, she got to speak with her wounds and Hurter; our mind knows every emotion, and understanding is the most significant achievement in our healing.

When she spoke to her mother, the most profound feeling of unimportance was released; she understood that she was a strong lady, but having too many children; she was unable to give that love and affection as needed; she felt her mom’s personality was not like to convey emotions the way she wants. As children, we only look like we should be important to our parents, but being an adult, if we understand that our parents had given the best they could give at that moment, the hurt and emotions that were stored in her throat were released, she felt light and relief.

Scene 3

She was 2 months old, crying and hungry, all alone again, and nobody was there with her; as 2 months toddler, she was looking for human touch, love, and affection from her mother; being all alone, she felt annoyed, ignored, not happy baby and waiting for someone to look her after, felt too small in this world and felt I AM NOT IMPORTANT, as the physical body she felt thumb and the lower head was paining while in a trance state, she felt that pain is not essential for anyone, I was craving for human touch and attention. How powerful emotions we store in our physical form.

Being on a deeper level very significant belief she was holding back for so many years.



As we regressed all these beliefs/emotions for me, it was essential to understand WHAT THE ROLE, FUNCTION, PURPOSE, AND INTENTION are…..

A belief of my character/personality is not IMPORTANT; see how safest world she has created ……
ROLE – it is a beautiful world inside, and it gave me the importance
FUNCTION – to love her and care for her, and she needs to do because to raise her children
PURPOSE – to lead the way and hold her hand; she needs to do this because she can love herself unconditionally to feel secure and safe
INTENSION – to love herself.

As we go deeper, I need to understand when this part of belief came into her life, and she immediately replied with shock – she developed in her MOTHERS WOMB.
Just being physic, I knew, but she went through this flow in the session, and she was also shocked at how I could develop such emotions inside the womb.

We must go through the mother’s womb to understand why she felt so.

While the regression session – she told me my mother’s womb was hot, and I loved the temperature being here inside, she felt loved, but my mother never expressed her love while I was inside.

Unique session to reveal how and when we can feel we are not worthy, enough, or unimportant.

As a therapist, it was a significant relief for me to get into the root cause, and after regressing and letting go of all these beliefs, she was so happy and relaxed.

When we let go of those imprints and impressions from many years, it goes like vapor from our body; I know it will take time to let go of the system. That’s why the 21/90 rule is essential to become a new version of you.

After letting go of those old beliefs, she felt relaxed and light; understanding is an essential tool for our mind; it helps us forgive and move forward with love, abundance, and a new mind for achieving new things. When we learn the importance of self-love and acceptance, life becomes a blessing, and we start attracting your higher beings, soul families who will help to navigate your life.

If you want to gain this enthralling experience of an incredible journey to your past life, and get all the solutions to your problems, connect with me, Prriti Parmaar, the life coach at Light Angelic, now and gain an optimum level of healing through the below-mentioned healing techniques,

  • Past Life Regression
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with physical pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex


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