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How to Find Happiness by Embracing your Inner Child?

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The perception of feeling happy is different for everyone. But do you know, why individuals feel unhappy? Why people are running behind in finding happiness? How to find it?

Our lives are filled with these questions. Most of us have some or other problems in our lives. Some of us are stuck in unhealthy relationships, many people are unhappy with their jobs, and others have health reasons to stay unhappy.

So, there are many reasons to be unhappy. But did any of us think about finding happiness?

Let us get into deep thinking through this blog, and find better ways to heal ourselves.

Become a Parent of Your Inner Child

Do you know that healing your inner child is quite important? The inner child is the child whom you are now and looking for the happiness which has been snatched due to the experiences that we go through.

Let us talk about it in some more detail.

Many of us are suffering from childhood traumas but are unable to recognize them. This makes our thoughts negative, and we well are unhappy in the end.

Working on your inner child is quite worthwhile to get immense happiness. Happiness is something inside our mind, body, and soul. Being a child from 0 ages to 7 years it records all the experiences seeing and feeling through his/her eyes. Even a baby gets emotions/imprints and every feeling when the baby is inside the womb. That’s why elders say during pregnancy see good, feel good and experience good things.

The mind doesn’t have good or bad, positive or negative framing words; it’s only what you feel that gives the command to your mind and body to feel so.

So, initially, we need to work on the thoughts that are hampering our inner child from healing. This blockage of the inner child has to be removed to get happiness.

Even a single injury during cycling in your childhood days makes you remind of it through its scars.

Children go through abuse, neglection from their parents, and so on. These traumas make their self-esteem low and make their thoughts negative. Creating a belief of unworthiness, dirty, I don’t belong to this world; no one loves me, and many more.
This trauma never leaves a child alone even when they grow older, and this becomes a reason for unhappiness and creates a pattern of attraction where there attract the same surroundings and same experiences. Being spiritual universe always shows you want you need to heal. So, if someone is in a bad environment and feeling of being unhappy that means, that person needs to dwell in the inner world, not the outer world.

I have always thanked a person who has hurt me as I got the courage to look inside what I need to heal and where I am seeing myself as a victim.

To align your mind body and soul be courageous to heal yourself with inner child wounds as I strongly believe happiness comes from within rather than looking outside and be in the aura of happiness and optimism, get connected with the perfect life coach, that knows the best to heal your inner child, and make you feel happy.

The healers help in letting you be aware of mastering your inner child, hence your life.

Getting connected with the marvelous life coach of Light Angelic will let you open yourself, and get rid of all the blockages that are becoming a hindrance in healing your inner child.

Some of the best healing techniques used by Light Angelic life healing coach are as follows,

  • Sound Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Work
  • Essential Oils
  • Yoga
  • Exercises
  • Walk or Jog

Not only this, we help to heal your childhood wounds that bring in the need for anxiety therapy Dubai. Our healing techniques help you get through the issues of post-traumatic stress disorder Dubai and recover from the awful memories of traumatic events that happened to you in your childhood days.

So, visit us and bring your happiness back with the help of our perfect sessions.

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