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New Moon Meditation: It’s Time to Release

The New Moon is a perfect alignment between the Sun and the Moon opposite to the Earth and thus creates a phenomenon of shadow on the side of Earth and leaves in the darkness. It isn’t easy to see the new moon, and that’s why it is called an invisible phase.

During a dark new moon night, you can look at the other celestial objects like meteor showers, planets, etc.

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But apart from the darkness of the new moon night, did you ever consider its spiritual significance?

Sometimes, we are in a fix and couldn’t decide which direction to go. New Moon night is the best way to set your intentions and clarify what you should do.

This conjunction on new moon night creates the energy of darkness and shadow; that’s why for all healer, spiritual beings, shamanic, tantric, aghoris, and many others who equally worshipped darkness and creates this night very significant to their practices and forms different rituals, sadhanas, to clear all negativity, demons, black magic, and shadow works. It’s the best time to clear and plant seeds for new things in your life. It helps to make space in our life as we clear old self.

If you’ve ever visited an anxiety therapist in Dubai for anxiety and depression, they might have told you about New Moon meditation.

The most incredible difference between high and low tide is around New Moon and Full Moon. The ocean’s water is pushed in the same direction during certain Moon phases by the combined gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon, known as spring tides or king tides.

So, New Moon meditation works best to have excellent mental health. Also, New Moon is spiritually significant in different belief systems and cultures.

Individuals view it as a time of new beginnings, setting the best intentions and goals, and embracing the fresh chapters in life.

So, for this, releasing negativity is most important. If we follow a worthy process of New Moon Meditation, it will be helpful for us to release the pessimism and move towards optimism.

Start a New Chapter with New Moon Meditation

Various spiritual practices let us connect with lunar energy and comfortably manifest our desires.

The power of a New Moon is no less than a Full Moon. After the New Moon night, the moon expands and becomes visible.

As the New Moon grows and moves towards becoming a full moon, the phase between the two is known as the waxing moon.

The waxing moon is illuminated and offers a brilliant time to collect energy and information for individuals.

Performing the New Moon meditation is a beautiful way to connect with renewal energy and set intentions for the best lunar cycle.

How to Meditate During the New Moon?

A mesmerizing procedure of New Moon meditation on your own or a guided New Moon meditation with the help of a life coach or the best healing vortex stress-free therapist will allure you.
So, let’s begin the meditative process during New Moon meditation.

  • You can sit in a comfortable and peaceful place and even lie down if you’re comfortable.
  • Light a candle and dim the lights to create a tranquil ambiance.
  • Ensure a relaxed posture, whether sitting or lying on your bed or couch.
  • Take deep breaths and center yourself. Focus on your breaths while you take that in and leave it out.
  • Set your intentions to manifest what you want. Be it a pleasing relationship, unconditional love, personal growth, abundance, health, or any area of your life. A clear mindset and a strong belief are a must.
  • Visualize that what you want is already happening. Feel the happiness, emotions, and sensations related to your intentions. Make your visualization as natural as possible.
  • Try tapping into the energy of the New Moon while visualizing. Feel the renewing and supportive energy.
  • Don’t let your mind wander; focus on your visualizations and intentions.
  • Now it’s time to express gratitude to the Universe for allowing you to set new intentions and the energy of the New Moon.
  • Let’s return by opening your eyes, followed by a few deep breaths, and end the meditation.
  • Keep journaling your intentions on a paper to track your progress and stay aligned with your goals throughout the lunar cycle.

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Rituals to form in every New Moon

  • Declutter your space
  • Throw out what is unnecessary, from the most minor to most prominent emotions you hold with those material things.
  • Remember, everything is energy and is holding you way back.
  • Create space for new; it can be a drawer, cupboard, bed sheet, cushions, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, watches, books, utensils, blankets, old clothes, medicines, etc.…….
  • Best day to buy a new cushion. Do you know that cushion absorbs our emotions every night, which draws you back to old memories? Throw now if it is too old, or you are on a transformational journey or manifesting something big in your life.
  • Mob your house with sea salt and cinnamon in your cleaning water.
  • Clean your windows and doors, and welcome the new energy with a clean and tidy space.
  • If you manifest a healthy relationship, make space in your wardrobe to welcome your partner.
  • Clean your Altar every new moon and new moon.
  • Clean your crystals with Full Moon water if you are making them, or you can use tap water.
  • Take a sea salt water bath with some essential oils.
  • Clean your room with some sage and lit candles.

Balance your emotional and mental beings.

  • Write all emotional hurts and the names of those who hurt you.
  • Write in the present tense as “I am releasing …………now.”
  • Burn this paper, visualizing as all those emotional hurts are turning into smoke and giving back to the Universe.
  • Meditating people try to balance those powerful energies and pull upwards by imagining and merging with the divine force.
  • Cord-cutting rituals (

Tantra, Mantra, Yantra: Other Forms or Rituals

The Full Moon or Amavasya. On this day, because specific energies are shifting and happening in the Universe, slows down everything and gives us space to clear and create. The Universe is no joke. It is so accurate for us and with the natural process to help to align within us.

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The Full moon or Pournami is sacred if you seek well-being and manifesting. A New moon or Amavasya is sacred if you seek liberation or clear your traumas and wounds.

The new moon is powerful for everyone, but people who follow Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra have different practices and sadhanas for those who practice between two dimensions of life.

It is a day when one can become aware of, ‘What is me and what is not me,’ Who I am, and my life purpose. The journey from untruth to truth begins. It unfolds every aspect of your inner being to find your true self. Every month, the opportunity is created naturally from the New Moon (Amavasya) to the Full Moon (Pournami). A natural opportunity is available for unaware people, beginning every Amavasya and moving on.

The New Moon meditation is a compelling way of manifesting your desires and releasing negative emotions to get a new and happy life.

If you need guidance on meditation, connect with Prriti Parmaar, life coach at Light Angelic, and have a perfect guided New Moon meditation, and start healing yourself from within.

Here are some incredible healing techniques Prriti Parmaar used; let’s look at the following.

  • Past Life Regression
  • New Moon Meditation
  • Full Moon Meditation
  • Eclipse Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Grounded Sea Meditation
  • Singing Sound Frequency Healing
  • Holistic Mind Healing
  • Reiki Balancing Chakras with Physical Pain
  • Rapid Transformation Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Inner childhood therapy
  • Healing Vortex

So, connect with Light Angelic now and have a perfect session of New Moon Meditation.

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