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Subconscious Mind Consulting: Healing Emotional Breakdown After Separation

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Fights, anger, feeling of grief, and dissatisfaction somewhere lead to an unhealthy relationship that usually comes to an end after a while.

Ending a relationship is not easy to go through emotional and mental pain. You must have heard, after separation, or a breakup, people tend to suffer from depression, hypertension, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Individuals consult the best anxiety therapist near me to get healed from their internal wounds.

Yes, and that’s the right solution to the problems.

As a holistic approach, healer, and life coach, I always suggest digging deeper into the subconscious mind and higher self to get the guidance, one of the finest healing techniques that make us go calm, and helps us in coping up from emotional and mental breakdowns.

Do you know that post-traumatic stress disorder may occur immediately or even several months after separating from your other half? Yes, that’s right.

As in relation, you became the other half but with mind, body, and soul a couple becomes one and once the other half is not available to you, you become so fragile to overcome that emotional roller coaster.

And the best part is that subconscious mind consulting proves to be the best therapy for PTSD. So, let us take a look at how we provide aid to our clients with these immensely incredible techniques of healing.

But before that let us check some of the symptoms of any separation.

Emotional Breakdown and anxiety of Separation are Unexplainable

Individuals who visit me for therapy for PTSD due to relationship failure or separation, the grief of not being available of their better half and feeling unsafe and getting into stress, and anxiety undergo the following symptoms,

  • Feeling emotionally detached
  • Coping with forgiveness is very hard
  • Anger
  • Difficult to let go
  • Living in Denial State
  • Depression
  • Feeling Helpless to Hopelessness
  • Insomnia
  • Obsession with the beloved
  • Headaches
  • Post-Traumatic Stress
  • Unhealed pain, and so on.

The feeling of betrayal, rejection, anger, and loneliness, all surrounds us at the time of separation. Negativity surrounds our minds and thoughts. Thoughts become your Feelings and feelings become your reality. Every thought has only 17 seconds to become your reality and here we keep on repeating every second of being betrayed, hurt, angry, and many more.

So, what you feed you will manifest very easily and you attract that kind of repeating pattern.
Till we overcome from the belief of not feeling safe or unworthiness ….

The subconscious mind consulting technique allows the client to eliminate negative beliefs, overcome their painful experiences, understand their inner self, feel a sense of security, and help to grow their mind strong enough to think optimistically and in a controlled way.

As a life coach, I have seen many clients feel terrible with lots of grief in their hearts due to their failed relationship.

The same thing happened to my close relative when she went through her breakup of around 12 years of relationship. Her boyfriend cheated on her being disloyal. This trauma broke her and led her toward suicide.

The family saved her. She tried to heal herself but after some time, she started having sleepless nights, waking up at midnight with shivers, remaining quiet, isolating herself from society, and so on.

Her family contacted me for getting her out of that phase of her life. In the discovery call, while discussing in detail, I found the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder Dubai. This led to the childhood trauma of not getting love and care from her parents later at a young age she attracted the same kind of partner who was emotionally not available to her. This was a true example of repeating patterns when we have trauma from childhood.

I told them that subconscious mind consulting is a process that heals the sufferer with time.

So, regular sessions are the most important thing to get proper healing. This breakup stress happened to the woman and resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our mind takes around 21days to absorb a thought or a feeling. So, I helped her all through her journey of healing with subconscious mind consulting.

It took time, but now she is fully fine and healed loving herself and looking at the world quite optimistically by throwing away the negative thoughts of the painful event that happened to her.

If you are also suffering from such trouble, you can contact me, and make yourself heal at a better pace.

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