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Why we are feeling so Disconnected from Our Relationships?

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In our life, we meet so many peoples and we connect through so many platforms which have been provided in present times but still, we connect and then falls apart rapidly, and why it’s happening so. Is this a fast-moving era of digital connection or we are still waiting to have that patch of life to get a longer connection with ourselves?

Relationship with our partner, parents, friends, colleagues, or even a pet or with your money. (will explore this in the next blog) There is always a feeling of a void that we have had for many years but we ignored those feelings and make our present feeling disconnected.

Why does this happen?

Relationships are the very core of our life, a creation where it begins to blossom love and affection towards ourselves and reflects our surroundings.

These days I have spoken to so many people who don’t understand what they want to do or having issues in their relationships with their better half or parents and many more.

Most individuals these days, are looking for freedom and to stick to their needs, and feel if I go into a relationship, I might feel trapped or looking for commitment, love, and care but still not able to get so.

There is nothing wrong about freedom or having individual needs or requirements, it’s just more of ourselves and how we feel at a deep level of the subconscious mind (the most important part).

If married still finding to get happiness. Can happiness or joy be found outside?

Being married but still not feeling whole, something is missing; still, a part of you is searching to feel that love and wholeness come from within.

That love, wholeness is your inner child who is craving for your attention to look inside and you forget completely about those longing hours in your childhood looking to get some attention, love, affection, and care from your parents but didn’t receive as being a child. As children, if we never felt safe and have a constant fear of elders, drama makes children disconnected from the core of his/her soul.

The innocence of being happy, safe, and secure has been brutally snatched by the surroundings and never been known to him/her what it looks like, feels like to be loved, to be safe, or to be secured.

Explore this blog, and have a deep understanding, so keep reading, folks.

Heal Yourself from the Fear of Commitment and Start Connecting

The fear of commitment never arises on its own, there are many reasons behind that. People feel uncomfortable with each other, they need space in their life. Why? Let us look at some major causes of these issues.

Childhood trauma is regarded as a major source of anxiety when entering into a relationship. Sometimes, people already in a relationship are physically and emotionally disconnected, and Being spiritual what I understand in my journey is that if we are in the frequency of low vibration of feeling lonely, scared, insecure, not feeling safe, aloof, deep pain within ourselves and still in a relationship will lead to disconnection and we will not able to attract the life of love and abundance. Our soul makes us attractive once we heal our inner world.

We can run from our trauma, and we can mask it with substances, people, places, and things but still, it exists in our system and as much we try to suppress it, it will trigger more in our outside world.

It’s just a mere reflection of us. So, when you meet someone check yourself on what are you feeling, seeing, and experiencing. Any negative feelings mean we need to work on it, it’s still underlying somewhere and acting like a masked and you feeling of being safe and protected. Remember Any pain is protecting you from the fear which is holding you back.

In my practice So many of my clients came to heal anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, career, and many more, and the root cause was the childhood where they haven’t felt safe, secure, loved, acceptance for being who they are, rejection, abuse and traumas which we never can imagine too.

Just imagine we are having this baggage of our traumas and our cups are filled with so many negative emotions about ourselves that we can pour unconditionally into others.

We are looking for commitment, honesty, care, trust, and love but are we authentic to ourselves, and do we give to ourselves? These are the conditions we look outside rather than get into ourselves.

Questions should be raised while standing in front of the mirror, your higher self has an answer

I understand as being therapist, A broken marriage or relationship makes you into pieces and it’s very hard to collect those pieces when you are wounded.

A better half becomes a bitter hard experience and why it’s so painful in this journey when we say better half means you are giving your half to that person and you don’t have anything to fill that half portion of your cup. That’s why we need a healing, holistic approach to fill these cups so we can exchange in harmony.

In a relationship we give the mind body and soul and forget ourselves, soon we become them and vice versa. In this journey, the biggest mistake we do is we forget the important part of our soul which needs nourishment and cleaning every day, we need to connect our inner world every day. but we forget this vital activity of our life and then we weep, blame, shame, abuse games keep on banging in our household every day with holding so many grudges, so many resentments, and anger without understanding the root cause.

We exchange energies, karmas, and patterns that might be not our personal belongings but still, we churn as we become, WE (two bodies and one soul).

Patterns of childhood wounds we carry became so prominent in our life that we are not able to recognize the wounds. A child who has been raised in an abusive environment or been sexually abused can reflect his/her relationship with others. Here when anyone partner is evolved with inner wounds can help another partner to heal automatically but when both are in the same it becomes crowd, chaos, and hell like anything.

What we attract is what we are …….not what you want

When we do inner work, shadow work, get into the root cause, and allow ourselves to forgive can heal our journey and will make us even more clear about what we want. It is like healthy food we are feeding to our soul, once we come out from those traumas lack of mindset evolves into being highly tuned with your higher self. Removing and cleaning that extra baggage of negative feelings gives us the space to fill the cup with joy, happiness, abundance, and love and it reflects in our life in many ways. Once you shed those old beliefs of feeling unworthy, you become so ready to commit as there is no fear-based decision, now you know what it feels like, and looks like to be loved because you become the parent of your inner child. You are so ready that even if hurts in the future you learned how to handle your own emotions. Now you are not operating yourself from the lacking mindset, now we are operating from the safest place in this universe which is the inner child within us.

Connect with the mind-healing life coach and feel safe, connected, secure, and attract more love as you are ready to surrender and ready to explore the new you

Many individuals are in trouble with the same issue and feel uncomfortable, and scared when entering into a relationship or are in a relationship.

Freedom is in the thoughts, and the mind works according to the thoughts. So, healers eradicate the thought of being free from a happy relationship and let you stay happy forever.

Mind consultants help you get rid of painful childhood memories and heal your inner child.

The healing experts also help in reducing the problems of post-traumatic stress disorder Dubai, and provide perfect anxiety therapy Dubai.

Get connected with the perfect mind-healing coach at Light Angelic, and come out of the problem of disconnection and the fear of commitment. The company offers the following healing solutions,

  • Reiki Healing
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  • Meditation
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  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Exercises
  • Breathing Work
  • Balancing Chakras and many more.

Visit soon to calm your mind and prepare for a peaceful and happy life ahead.

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